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28 juny, 2024
I currently manage 5 wordpress websites and after adding a snippet modification to push the note under the plugin description information, I can see this plugin is going to be a time saver moving forward, because now when I run across a plugin that is not compatible with the version of WP that must be run on the website, I can make a note to let me know NOT to update the plugin as long as the site is running on version X.Y of wordpress. Some type of plugin “freeze” feature should be REQUIRED FOR ALL PLUGINS!!! At least then constant site breakage from updates (or allowing autoupdates) to plugins could possibly be mitigated. (I use downgrade to freeze core updates as that too causes WP to be completely unreliable for self-hosted web sites.)
25 maart, 2024
Plugin Notes Plus is a great tool to help yourself (and any other administrators) remember why a particular plugin is installed, how or where it is used, or if there are any things you want to keep an eye on with a plugin. Of course, you could also create a spreadsheet of installed plugins and add notes to it there, but that is much more cumbersome to keep up to date. Because Plugin Notes Plus adds a column on the Plugins page itself, you can see all the relevant information at a glance. IMHO, this plugin is quite indispensable.
31 oktober, 2023
Going back to sites after an absence I nearly always wonder why a plugin is installed. No longer! Brilliant in concept and so easy to use.
18 oktober, 2023
Extremely helpful plugin! But guys, can you please update it so it can be compatible with latest Wordpress version? Love from France <3
21 febrewaris, 2023
Este plugin es una maravilla para quienes trabajamos es varios proyectos, y tenemos que dejar de lado por un momento un, para continuar en otro.
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