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Etracker Pro


Etracker is designed to be incorporated into your marketing process effortlessly. After setting up, your data will start to appear for your use.

Etracker Pro generates a session id for your website visitors and matches the session id with your Google Analytics data. You will be able to create Phone Leads from our platform, follow up the conversion of phone leads turning into orders.

Each order and lead mapped over session id, you can track and analyze the full sales funnel for every aspect from source to sales channel, lead to order, phone or website, etc. By following up the leads who have not converted into sales, users are able to increase the sales.


Google Analytics Integration
Connect your Google Analytics account with one-click and display analytics data for your orders and leads.

Phone Call Tracking
Track your phone call orders by adding Session ID on the order screen and gather potential customers’ data for retargeting campaigns.

Create your leads from our platform easily, add the Session ID of your client and follow up the analytics and order data through your sales funnel.


  • Dashboard
  • Orders Page
  • Setup site – Etracker ID Builder


How Can I Setup?
1. Install Etracker Pro Plug-in.
2. Click on the “Authorize” button on the next page.
3. Click on the “Allow” button on the next page.
4. Click on the “Continue” button on the next page.
5. You will land on the Etracker Pro registration screen. Complete your registration.
6. Click on click the “Sites” tab in the navigation bar and then “Add New Site” button.
7. Click on the “Connect Google Analytics” button and complete the setup by allowing permissions.
8. Choose your platform “Woocommerce and click on the “Verify “ button.
9. On the next step you will see that your Woocommerce account is already connected, click on the “Verify” button.
10. In the Builder step, you can set how the Session ID will appear on your site.
– Use Default: Session ID will appear with default alignment and style on your website.
– Use Builder: Customize the Session ID view (alignment, color, size, etc) with our builder.
11. Click on the “Finish” button to complete the process..


Which Data Can I Track In Etracker Pro?
1- Order tracking – See where your orders are coming from;
Source / Medium / Landing page / Campaign / Device / User Type / Order Type (phone or website) etc..
2- Lead tracking – Create your leads from the platform and let Session ID match analytics data:
Source / Medium / Landing page / Device

Is There A Limit To A Free Plan? What’s Included In My Trial Plan?
You can only add 1 domain in the free plan and start using all the functions of Etracker Pro for 14 days. You will not be charged or asked for credit card information during the 14-day trial version.

How Can I Add A New Lead?
1- Go to the “Leads” page from the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.
2- Click on the “Add New Lead” button.
3- Enter all the information that you would like to keep for this lead.Please note that entering a client Session ID is very important to match data for leads & orders!
4- You can enter additional fields such as company, address, note by clicking on the “Show More” button.
5- Click on the “Save” button to complete.

For more information please check our support page:



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