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Troch CryoutCreations

Dit is in berntema fan Kahuna.

Ferzje: 1.0.1

Lêst bywurke: 2 oktober 2023

Aktive ynstallaasjes: 100+

PHP Ferzje: 5.6 of heger

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With a hot new color scheme, brand new fonts, and a clean and modern style, Sour is a fresh new WordPress theme. Sour is also lightning fast and so highly customizable that you can use it on all types of sites, from blogs and photography websites to portfolios and e-commerce (WooCommerce) shops. No matter how you use it, its freshness never wears off. And we don't even have to mention how lightweight, SEO-optimized, or responsive it is. What we will mention, however, is that Sour, being a child theme of Kahuna, has already been translated into over 15 languages and is also RTL-ready. Sour is fresh, like a cool smoothie on a hot summer afternoon. Sour- it's actually pretty sweet!


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