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Quick News

Troch Ascendoor

Ferzje: 1.0.1

Lêst bywurke: 11 april 2024

Aktive ynstallaasjes: 400+

WordPress Ferzje: 5.0 of heger

PHP Ferzje: 7.4 of heger

Tema Homepage

Quick News is a WordPress theme designed specifically for news, magazines, publishers, blogs, editors, online and gaming magazines, personal blogs, and any website related to news. It provides impressive demonstrations to help you get started quickly. This theme has a flexible layout, a wide range of color options, and various blog designs. It is also optimized for SEO, and its design is widget-based, allowing extensive customization for content management. It is fully responsive, ensuring smooth performance on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This WordPress magazine theme is known for its simplicity, user-friendliness, contemporary appearance, creativity, and a user-friendly interface. Check the demo at: https://demos.ascendoor.com/quick-news/


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