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Magnific Blog

Troch Ascendoor

Ferzje: 1.1.0

Lêst bywurke: 29 jannewaris 2024

Aktive ynstallaasjes: 300+

WordPress Ferzje: 5.0 of heger

PHP Ferzje: 7.4 of heger

Tema Homepage

Magnific Blog is a great theme for bloggers who want a simple and fast experience. It works well on different browsers and devices. It's made for professional bloggers and content creators, focusing on being easy to use and good for search engines. With Magnific Blog, you can focus on creating content without worrying about technical stuff. Its clean design and easy-to-use interface are perfect for bloggers who want a polished look. The theme has good features and works well on all screens. It also has nice typography to keep readers interested. Check out the theme documentation at: https://docs.ascendoor.com/docs/magnific-blog/ and see the demo at: https://demos.ascendoor.com/magnific-blog/


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