Dizze plugin is net hifke mei de lêste 3 grutte releases fan WordPress . It kin net langer wurde ûnderhâlden of stipe en kin kompatibiliteitsproblemen hawwe as it wurdt brûkt mei resinte ferzjes fan WordPress.




This is a WordPress plugin which will allow you to add (only at the moment) users to the Tripolis database without having to do much programming. This plugin has a partial implementation of the Tripolis API (version 2.0).


To use this plugin you need to have an active Tripolis Dialogue license, and your environment should have an API user who at the minimum has access to:

  • Modules
    • Contact
  • At least one database
  • At least one workspace

Also make sure your use is a “Clientdomain Administrator” as that seems to be required in order to use the API. Don’t make the user an Interactive user as that will require the user to change his/her password every 60 days.


  • Main plugin configuration. Allows you to define your API login settings
  • Shortcode generator. This will help you generate the shortcode for your subscribe page, because you will probably need some help figuring all the field codes out.



Download and install the plugin in whatever way you are used to and activate the plugin from your plugins page.

After activation you should have a new Settings page where you need to fill in the API user credentials. The information you need to enter you should have ready. If you do not know the server, check the URL of your license login. It should match what you see there. If your environment is not in the option list, contact me.

Once the setup has been completed it will, you may start using the shortcode. To help you create a shortcode, use the shortcode generator tool found under the “Tools” menu.

Placing forms

You can place a form anywhere you can put a shortcode. By default this plugin makes it so it is also allowed in the text widget, which should ease the use of the plugin a bit.

You can also directly make a call to the shortcode from your template by adding the following code in your code



The plugin is activated, but I don’t see the settings page

The plugin won’t load completely, if you do not have PHP 5.4 or higher installed on your system. Please check your php version first, if you are using an allowed version, but are still at a loss, let me know!

Can i customize the HTML?

You can override all templating done by creating a directory wp-tripolis in your theme directory and place all files there. To give you a head start you can copy the templates from the templates directory.

How can I alter fields in the subscribe form?

There are a couple of filters you can use to manipulate the fields of the form. All filters will pass 2 parameters, the value and a field definition.

  • wp-tripolis_classes: allows you to add/remove classes from a field/label
  • wp-tripolis_label: allows you to override the label with your own text
  • wp-tripolis_value: allows you to set default values for fields (e.g. pre-fill with user info)
  • wp-tripolis_required: modify which field are mandatory
  • wp-tripolis_subscribe-submit-label: modify which label of the submit button

Furthermore you can use the following 2 actions to add extra content/before or after the form:

  • wptripolis_before_subscribe_form
  • wptripolis_after_subscribe_form

You have also two actions you can use to handle confirmation mail sending * wptripolis/subscribe/mailsent * wptripolis/subscribe/mailnotsent

And you can use the action wptripolis/subscribe to add extra functionality after someone subscribed.

How can I alter the unsubscribe page

There are a couple of filters & actions you can use to manipulate the unsubscribe form. You can also take the standard unsubscribe page and copy it to your theme folder and customize it there. Just be sure to add the nonce and use the wptripolis_field_name() method to style your form.

The filters you can use are:

  • wp-tripolis_unsubscribe-submit-label: Modify the text of the submit button
  • wp-tripolis_group-label: Modify the label of a group
  • wptripolis_unsubscribe_introduction: Alters the heading text

The actions that are available allow you to add content before or after the form. They are:

  • wptripolis_before_unsubscribe_form
  • wptripolis_before_unsubscribe_form

Can i have a profile page, where people can edit their subscriptions?

Although not currently planned, this may come in the future if enough people require it. You can always take the plugin as a start point and develop from there.


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  • Added some extra servers to the selectionlist


  • Made it possible to send a confirmation mail when subscribing using the directmail attribute
  • Added some extra actions to the subscribe form to add some extra functionality when needed. These actions use a different syntax (slashes instead of underscores). Future releases will be using this syntax for all actions.


  • Unsubscribe implementation
  • Further implementation of some services
  • Added a base stylesheet to make subscribe/unsubscribe forms look better by default
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Deployment fixes, which required making a new tag


  • Initial release, only supports subscribe form