Dizze plugin is net hifke mei de lêste 3 grutte releases fan WordPress . It kin net langer wurde ûnderhâlden of stipe en kin kompatibiliteitsproblemen hawwe as it wurdt brûkt mei resinte ferzjes fan WordPress.

WP AdminTools


WP AdminTools allows comprehensive SEO optimization, database clean up and many useful features that extend your WordPress Blog. Get all SEO features you need with this plugin.

General Settings

  • Get an overview of how many items are stored in the database and marked as trash, revision or spam (dashbord box).
  • One-click delete unwanted items, e.g. open comments, spam comments or revisions
  • Select the number of days trashed posts are stored in the database or disable trash function.
  • Manually set the autosave interval (disable, 1 min up to 1 hour).
  • Disable revision control of WordPress.
  • Change the link url of the WordPress logo on login screen.
  • Restrict your blog search results to specific posts or pages.

SEO Settings

  • Let WP-AdminTools generate a SEO friendly title for every page.
  • Set a custom title tag for each page or post.
  • Avoid dupclicate content and let the plugin automatically add a noindex meta tag on specific posts or pages, search results, 404 pages attachment sites or archive pages.
  • Manually add additional rules to the robots.txt within the admin interface.
  • Set a meta description or meta keywords manually for every post or page.
  • Set a meta robots tag for every post or page individually
  • Set a ‘noarchive’ tag to prevent search engines from caching your website

Clean up

  • Within the head of your pages you can let the plugin REMOVE the links to (can be set individually for each link):
  • Feeds
  • Fxtra Feeds (such as category feeds)
  • RSD EditURI link
  • Windows Live Writer manifest file
  • Index-, Parent-, Start Post-, Previous- and Next-Link
  • WP Generator Link
  • Shortlinks
  • Canonical Links

Database Clean up

  • One-click delete
  • Revisions
  • AutoDrafts
  • Trashed Items
  • Open Comments
  • Spam Comments


  • Interface for writing/editing posts or pages
  • General settings
  • SEO settings
  • Clean up settings
  • Database settings
  • Dashboard view


Upload the plugin to your blog, activate it and configure to your needs.

You’re done!


It is highly recommended NOT to install any other additional SEO plugin – also you don’t need another plugin :-).

To completely remove the plugin and all options stored in the database first deactivate the plugin and then delete it from within the wordpress plugin screen.

For more information visit the plugin home page.

Thanks to Ogi from firstsiteguide.com for the Spanish and Serbian translations.


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  • fixed some errors


  • added Spanish and Serbian translations (by Ogi from firstsiteguide.com)


  • set a custom title tag for each page or post
  • fixed some small translation issues


  • fixed title for author category


  • fixed some seo title issues


  • added the ‘noarchive’ option
  • fixed some seo title issues and messy html


  • fixed update version number


  • small changes on the seo title


  • fixed an error when deleting revisions
  • added the plugin version number into the database for better upgrade compatibility


  • fixed some minor problems with the network activation (wordpress multisite)
  • plugin should be 100% compatible with wordpress multisite installation


  • first public release