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Sharkdropship Dropshipping & Affiliate for for AliExpress

Sharkdropship Dropshipping & Affiliate for for AliExpress


Start your AliExpress Dropshipping and Affiliate business effortlessly with SharkDropship. This plugin allows you to import various types of products from AliExpress, including affiliate, simple, external, and variable products.
You can customize and import all product details with a single click.

Website | Pro Version | chrome extension


Key Features

  • Import AliExpress products as Affiliate or for Dropshipping.
  • Easily import products by SKU, URL, or from the search list.
  • Search for products by keywords, sort by price, and select high-quality items.
  • Comprehensive product import with details such as SKU, images, title, variations, description, prices, quantity, specifications, and more.
  • Automatic price markup formula for margin automation.
  • Replace text occurrences in titles and descriptions.
  • Select the product category for imports.
  • Create and insert reviews into existing products.


Upgrade to the premium version to unlock additional features:

  • Unlimited imports from AliExpress using the plugin and Chrome extension.
  • Auto-update prices and stock with customization options.
  • Auto-update product availability to prevent selling out-of-stock items.
  • Import shipping methods and costs for a seamless checkout experience.
  • Filter products by ePacket shipping methods (Chrome extension only).
  • Import reviews with images, creation dates, author information, and ratings.
  • Synchronize product price and stock by categories.
  • Support for over 52 languages and currencies.
  • Bulk import products from AliExpress with automation options.
  • Customize and import reviews according to your needs.
  • Import products directly from AliExpress website product pages using the Chrome extension.
  • Bulk import affiliate products from AliExpress.
  • Include images from product descriptions in your image library.
  • Edit images using the external editor, LunaPic.
  • Customize and import short descriptions.
  • Edit descriptions with an easy-to-use editor.
  • Customize, delete, and edit variations.
  • Charm pricing to enhance product pricing.
  • Add custom shipping costs to variations.
  • Set price formulas for automated pricing.
  • Customize and import product specifications.
  • Select product categories for imports.
  • Synchronize stock and price.
  • Place orders on AliExpress using the Chrome extension for dropshipping.

How the AliExpress Dropshipping and Affiliate plugin work ?

How the AliExpress Dropshipping and Affiliate chrome exetnsion work ?

How the bulk import work ?

How to import affiliate products using the chrome exetnsion


For support and inquiries, please use the contact form on the
SharkDropship website or email wooebayimporter@gmail.com.

Official Website

Visit our official website for more information and updates.



  1. Install the plugin from the WordPress directory.
  2. Install the Chrome extension and connect using your client key and secret key.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Start importing items and selling them in your WooCommerce store.

WordPress 4.7+
WooCommerce 3.0.0+ or AliDropship 1.0+
PHP version 5.6+


Is this a free plugin

This plugin is free, you can use for your Aliexpress dropshipping buisiness, you can import aliexpress 160 products per month
each week 50 products, every week the counter will reset, and you will be able to import aliexpress products again.
if you want unlimited import aliexpress products you can upgrade to a premuim version.

do I need to register or create any account to use this plugin

no registration, no account is needed, install and use the plugin, that’s all

Is this the AliDropship plugin ?

no it is not the alidropship plugin on wordpress, we offer a different plugin with similar feature to alidropship

How dropshipping works with AliExpress ?

in simple words, you import the product using out plugin
you sell a product
you place an order on aliexpress, you set the customer address as shipping address and your address as billing address
you set a note to the supplier to not provide any advertisement

for AliExpress affiliate, how it works ?

AliExpress affiliate marketing works by allowing individuals or website owners to promote products from AliExpress and earn a commission on each sale generated through their referral links.
When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on AliExpress, you earn a commission on the sale. The commission amount varies depending on the product category and the affiliate program’s terms.

What does the premium feature offer?

The premium version includes a Chrome extension and WordPress plugin

Your premuim plan is a subscription or only onetime payment?

it is one time payment, you pay only once and you use the service as long as we offer it.

I have a question, what can I do?

Contact our support team at SharkDropship Support.

Do you offer a Chrome extension?

Yes, the premium version includes a Chrome extension to simplify your dropshipping business.

How to upgrade to a premium license for Aliexpress dropshipping plugin by SharkDropship?

Find more details on upgrading at SharkDropship Website.


19 maaie, 2024
UPDATE: I am delighted to update this review. I’d give it 50 stars if I could. The developer contacted me and went above and beyond to make sure it worked well again. We are ecstatic to be able to use it again. This is our experience: If you are a marketplace seller and want your own WooCommerce store, this plugin will help you tremendously when importing your products. Dropshippers and affiliates – this is the one you want. If you experience a large usage increase in storage on your server, get a plugin like Imsanity or PNG to JPG to convert the images and save storage after importing products. Some marketplaces only export PNG images. eBay uses “time on site” as a metric (in my opinion). List there and import to your Woo shop. You might see a bump in sales. The plugin is fast and powerful. Easy to install and set up. The User Interface is beautifully uncluttered, has a lot of settings, and is easy to use. Try it – you will love it and your business will grow. I highly recommend it. Thank you, Wooshark, for an excellent solution and for your help! —————————————————————————- We are pro users and paid for it. We were so happy when we found this extension we purchased right away. It worked great and was exactly what we needed at the time. We moved to a new host and it stopped working two weeks ago. Same type of server, settings, etc. there is no reason why it stopped working. All others are working fine. Support does not reply with any interest, just canned solutions which do not apply. I don’t believe they read your messages at all. It’s a shame, really, it could be such a powerhouse. I am requesting a refund.
17 maaie, 2023 2 antwurden
The idea of what this plugin can do it’s great but in action many features are not working. Suddenly, I bought the enterprise version because I want to build more than one installation. The Cons: Slow support responses Price Formulas in multiselection it’s not working Video Import its not working Variations import has many conflicts with curious behavior Open AliExpress button in product page its not working Sync Orders to AliExpress (Tue function that places the products on AE) Update Price on daily basis not working, BUT, stock qty updated as well The process to choose categories in import are complex and hard to locate your categories if you have many of them If you choose split variations, then, adds in the main name of product thesuffix *|| AliExpress – Black* and you have to remove one by one Make’s some JS conflicts with woocommerce admin (in my case) This plugin has great plan but it needs fixes and a major update. If most of them fixed then GLWS because can make many many sales with satisfied customers. Till then, look for other plugins and compare the reviews. I’m saying goodbye to this plugin with sad feelings atm.
11 april, 2023 4 antwurden
The dashboard looks a bit plain and unprofessional. “Insert by Url” does absolutely nothing so your only options is to use “Search by keyword”. Once you do find the product you want to import, variants and prices are wrong. It even gives you variant names that dont even exist in aliexpress listing.
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  • Added price formula.
  • Replaced string occurrences.
  • Improved design.


  • Added new feature: AliExpress dropshipping by SharkDropship customizes products before import.
  • Changed the max import limit.


  • Increased the number of AliExpress products import per week.


  • Increased the number of AliExpress products import per week.


  • Fixed an issue with AliExpress original product URLs.


  • Updated plugin name to Aliexpress dropshipping by SharkDropship.


  • Fixed import price not being calculated.


  • Set max import per week.


  • Updated website.


  • adapt changes on AliExpress api and website


  • update support vesion of woocommerce