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This plugin displays Google Business Reviews on your WordPress website through a public and approved by Google API without crawling and other unofficial methods. With this plugin, you can be sure of the right way for showing Google Reviews.

Displaying Google Rating and Reviews on your site is the easiest and most effective way to increase your customer confidence and, as a result, increase sales!

By the way, with the Business version of this plugin, you can get better results, because it shows all reviews, auto syncs these, supports other platforms like Facebook, Yelp which you can mix and has many other great features!

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Free plugin features

  • Unlimited connections Widgets and Google Places, not just one like in other similar plugins
  • Full GDPR support (no third-party calls)
  • All connected Google ratings and reviews are automatically updated
  • Awesome, responsive and really cool Slider, Grid and List layouts which works anywhere – mobile, table, desktops and HD
  • Collect new Google Reviews and increase your Google Rating with a ‘review us on G’ button
  • Slider don’t fit? You can use a List or Grid layout or hide the reviews and show just a rating badge
  • Monthly statistics displaying an increase in the number of reviews
  • Display the reviews through a shortcode, widget or any page builder: Gutenberg, Elementor, Page Origin, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Divi and others
  • Hide certain reviews from displaying, sometimes it may not only be a negatively rated review
  • Upload your own Google business photo
  • Use Pagination to hide some of the reviews
  • Trim long reviews with “read more” link
  • Works on a dark websites
  • Multi language support
  • Ability to customize layout with additional CSS
  • Zero load time: SVG, lazy load images and the smallest size of assets (css: 3kb, js: 8kb)

Get More Features with Business version

Upgrade to Business

The business version of the plugin uses another Google API to show all reviews. It’s also official and approved by Google like in the free plugin, but can uses only for business owners and show all reviews. To connect reviews, just log in through your Google My Business (GMB) owner account and that’s it.

  • Shows ALL Google reviews with constant automatic updates through official Google My Business (GMB) API without any unofficial workarounds like crawling
  • Connecting and showing reviews is easier than ever, just log in through your GMB owner account
  • Flash theme: increase user trust, social proof and sales via beautiful popups with your real recent reviews
  • Ability to connect one, several or all your Google locations just through one log in
  • Mix ratings and reviews between each other from the same or different platforms: Google, Facebook, Yelp
  • Awesome and beautiful layouts: list, grid, slider, float and embedded badges
  • Absolutely unique feature: a custom rating and reviews template will allow to create your own layout
  • Lift important reviews to the top
  • Show/hide any elements (business photo, name, rating, reviews, avatars, names, time and etc)
  • Any Sorting: recent, oldest, rating, striped, random
  • Include/Exclude words filter to show or hide certain reviews
  • Minimum rating filter
  • Priority support

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If you have any questions regarding this plugin or business version, you can contact us directly.

We offer 24/7 email support in English.

We recommend the following order when searching for answers:
1. Plugin’s support page in wp-admin: Google Reviews / Support.
2. Check topics or ask a new question here: Support Forum
3. Try to find similar question/answer on our Live Chat page
4. If you still can’t find the answer, feel free to email us:

To find out more about who we are and what we do, here are some useful links:


  • Test-feature: weekly reviews auto-updates


  • Google Reviews slider
  • Google Reviews list
  • Google Reviews widget
  • Google Reviews shortcode builder
  • Google Reviews sidebar widget


Dizze plugin jout 1 blok.

  • Google Reviews Block Block for Google map reviews. Easy way to show your Google place reviews on WordPress pages!


  1. Unpack archive to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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I like it because we can connect and create multiple places and widgets.
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  • Bugfix: twice CSS file in Remove Unused CSS safelist for WP Rocket plugin


  • Bugfix: fixed Remove Unused CSS safelist for WP Rocket plugin
  • Improve: added Lithuanian language


  • New Settings: load assets (js/css) by demand (only on pages where shortcodes/widgets are)
  • Bugfix: remove double quotes in shortcode for ID attribute
  • Some translation fixes


  • Improve: added main CSS file to Remove Unused CSS safelist (WP Rocket plugin)
  • Bugfix: incorrect width of a slider flex review container (grw-review)


  • Improve: editor can moderate Google reviews
  • Improve: ‘review us on G’ button style fixes
  • Bugfix: wp_enqueue_script was called incorrectly
  • Bugfix: rateus popup disappear after vote


  • Security issue fix (escape shortcode attributes)
  • Improve: database creation code
  • Improve: error message when connecting empty Google place
  • Bugfix: undefined property $rating/$reviews for empty Google place
  • Bugfix: plugin updates when existing install
  • Rename ‘next reviews’ to ‘more reviews’ text


  • Bugfix: reviews disappear after slider return back
  • Bugfix: reviews shift if slider resize


  • Improve: New Grid layout
  • Improve: new box shadow option
  • Improve: new radius border option
  • Improve: redesign Slider layout
  • Improve: added default Google business photo
  • Bugfix: Google place may be null in reviews connection
  • Update to WordPress 6.4


  • Simple Google reviews block implementation done
  • Improve: added executed time in refresh schedule
  • Bugfix: correct number of months on overview page
  • Some translation fixes
  • Style fixes


  • Update to WordPress 6.3
  • Improve: block connections and options sidebar
  • Improve: request newest reviews in daily update schedule
  • Bugfix: showing all empty reviews for empty place


  • Improve: block starting
  • Improve: Google Reviews connection wizard
  • Improve: show reviews with empty language attribute
  • Improve: default language if it’s not select English


  • Improve: possibility to get more than 5 reviews on initial connection
  • Improve: hide service options on Settings page
  • Bugfix: height fix for empty reviews in Slider theme
  • Bugfix: Overview stats errors fixing for long periods
  • Bugfix: escape encrypted API key in the debug information


  • Bugfix: JavaScript errors on Overview page (incorrect stats time)


  • Improve: slider auto-play option
  • Bugfix: PHP 8.2 support
  • Bugfix: encrypted Google API key saved
  • Bugfix: correct calculation for overview usage stats
  • Links fixed


  • Improve: test mode for auto refresh reviews schedule
  • Improve: auto enable reviews update schedule if Google API key saved
  • Improve: Google connection handler redone to ajax
  • Improve: overview page has usage stats
  • Improve: overview page has a monthly period for stats graph
  • Added promo coupon for the business version link
  • Some CSS fixes


  • Improve: autosave reviews feed by timeout
  • Improve: contrast (Next Reviews link color)
  • Bugfix: rating header photo centered
  • CSS small fixes


  • Improve: encrypted Google API key in debug information
  • Improve: moved Google Places API connection service to richplugins domain
  • Bugfix: PHP warning about empty icon for place
  • Bugfix: wrong business_id field in the database


  • Bugfix: language change error in the new Google connection wizard


  • Improve: Google reviews connection wizard
  • Bugfix: database warnings fixes


  • Improve design: stars color, widget builder
  • Bugfix: wrong argument in foreach loop
  • Bugfix: Undefined property key in reviews connection
  • Bugfix: Undefined property language in the reviews update schedule
  • Update to WP 6.2


  • Improve: new options (rating by center, hide biz photo, hide biz name)
  • Improve: contrast (backgrounds and colors)
  • Improve: added WP language in debug information
  • Improve: SVG prev & next buttons in slider
  • Translation fixes (for Slovenian, Dutch)


  • Improve: GDPR full support
  • Improve: save business and user images locally
  • Improve: change language dynamically
  • Improve: reconnect button
  • Bugfix: clear cache in refresh reviews schedule
  • Bugfix: business photo is not round
  • Bugfix: floor round for time ago months


  • Bugfix: Stop instant autoscroll of the slider
  • Improve: business plugin description update


  • Bugfix: undefined array key ‘place_id’
  • Bugfix: the query argument of wpdb::prepare() must have a placeholder
  • Bugfix: empty feed in reviews update schedule
  • Bugfix: some style fixes


  • Improve: reviews update daily schedule
  • Bugfix: slider lite correctly fit with one column layout
  • Bugfix: CSS RTL rule fixes


  • Bugfix related with the previous release


  • Security: check admin role in widget create function
  • Improve: initial Google reviews connection
  • Improve: redirect to a widget builder page after plugin’s activation
  • Some language fixes


  • New Overiew page
  • Bugfix: slider lite resize
  • Some translation fixes
  • Update to WP 6.1


  • Bugfix: Undefined property $hide_writereview
  • Some translation fixes


  • Feature: ‘review us on G’ button in the List layout
  • Feature: option for hide ‘review us on G’ button
  • Bugfix: remove scrollbar in FF browser
  • Some translation fixes
  • Some style fixes


  • Update to WP 6.0
  • Bugfix: null property error in the scroll event


  • Improve: new slider button text ‘review us on G’
  • Improve: separate slider and common options in widget builder
  • Improve: slider active dots blue color
  • Bugfix: slider dots round


  • Improve: slider hide prev & next buttons option
  • Improve: slider hide dots option
  • Bugfix: multiple duplicate of business photos
  • Bugfix: duplicate reviews


  • Bugfix: slider fixed with latest webkit
  • Bugfix: wrong text domain for load_plugin_textdomain


  • Improve: added updated timestamp in Google place table
  • Bugfix: forced update old databases
  • Bugfix: wrong text domain
  • Bugfix: checking POST param (update_db_ver) in settings save
  • Bugfix: nofollow & open new tab for Google place link


  • New slider feature: speed option
  • Slider responsive bug
  • Translation fixes (for Dutch)


  • New slider option: text height
  • New slider option: hide border
  • Added Latvian language
  • Translation fixes
  • Style fixes


  • Translation fixes
  • Style fixes


  • Update to WP 5.9
  • Improve: RTL support (for admin)
  • Improve: some style fixes
  • Small bug fixes


  • Bugfix: broken the ‘See All Reviews’ link without header
  • Bugfix: wrong language ISO codes for Chinese (correct zh and zh-Hant)


  • Improve: added settings for manually db updates
  • Bugfix: conflict with a business version
  • Bugfix: broken the ‘See All Reviews’ link without header
  • Bugfix: wrong language ISO codes for Chinese (correct zh and zh-Hant)


  • Bugfix: js errors if reviews are hidden in the slider
  • Bugfix: slider is not responsive on some wp themes
  • Translation fixes


  • Slider layout: bug and style fixes


  • Great features – slider layout and ‘Write a Review’ button!


  • Reassembled production assets (js, css)


  • Bugfix: duplicate reviews for empty language
  • Style fixes


  • Ajax auto-save for widgets
  • Small bug fixes


  • Improve instantly Google reviews connection
  • Separated assets to dist and src for speed up the loading
  • Preparing a database for introducing rating & reviews stats
  • Deleted unused JS libraries
  • Dropped unused db columns
  • Update support page


  • Instantly Google reviews connecting
  • Full Google reviews multi-language support
  • Bug and style fixes


  • Plugin keeps the widgets and shortcodes
  • Reviews feed builder
  • Separate menu in wp-admin
  • Fully architecture redesign
  • Bug fixes


  • Bugfix: PHP 8 problem (vsprintf(): Argument #2 ($values) must be of type array)


  • Improved usability
  • Installation guide fixed
  • Bugfix: __ function instead of grw_i


  • Update to WordPress 5.8
  • Update settings page and Full Installation Guide


  • Little bugfix
  • Removed external debug information


  • Remove http in svg type


  • Update to WordPress 5.7
  • Improve: added Ukrainian language
  • Bugfix: little fixes in Swedish translation


  • Bugfix: powered by icon large width


  • Updated welcome description
  • Added hi-res powered by images
  • Improve: RTL support
  • Bugfix: business avatar shadow
  • Bugfix: ‘read more’ supports UTF

= 1.9.1 …