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webcam viewer free edition


This plugin creates widget and shortcode(PRO edition) for putting online the webcam images, very usefull with a weather or landscape webcam. It shows .jpg images that the webcam uploads to your server. The images are displayed responsively so that they are also suitable for smartphones and tablets.
You can choose different CSS style and different way to show, for i.e. slideshow, carousel, page refresh, image refresh etc.

You can publish more than one widget and shortcode on the same page with different webcam.

Finally a perfect and easy way to get your webcam online!

PAY ATTENTION: this plugin use old widget system. So after 5.8 WordPress version you need to install ‘Classic Widget’ plugin and don’t use block system.

FREE edition:
If your webcam uploads your images always with the same name, the free edition fits for you. It showes the latest image with a page refresh and without browser cache.
Only widget
No support

PRO edition:
widget and short-code.
-Some webcams only load one image every x minutes and the image always has the same name. The PRO version fits this! Show the latest image every time you load the browser page.
-Some webcams load images with a different name always in the same folder. The PRO version fits that! Gets and displays the last x images found on the folder. You can choose how many images to show.
-Some webcams upload images to a daily folder; a new folder every day. The PRO version fits this! Find the last folder loaded and then enter it, if there is another folder enter it again and then obtain and show the last x images there are.
-Some webcams do not show the day and time of the image. The PRO version fits this! It adds a caption with the day and time of the image.
-Some forecast sites must download a webcam image with the same name and the same URL, but your webcam changes the name of the images and the URL of the daily folder. Here is a script that searches for the last image of your webcam and always saves it with the same name and the same URL. To do this you need a cron job.
-Two beautifull style settings.
-A slideshow that can show the x number of the latest images with a carousel mode.
The PRO version is full of adjustments and ways to show images. It is fully responsive and displays well on smartphones and tablets.
Support by tickets system for 30 days.
For PRO edition, please, visit our official site
Documentation about PRO-edition: (https://programmisitiweb.lacasettabio.it/en/wordpress-webcam-viewer-module-document-and-changelog/)

Please, see our demo page


  • Example with CSS style 2 + caption + progress bar.


  1. Upload \”webcam viewer\” to the \”/wp-content/plugins/\” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \”Plugins\” menu in WordPress.
  3. Do settings and publish the widget
    Pay attention: if you have pro edition you can’t auto update. Auto update is only for free edition. Pro edition must update by downloading the new version where you bought it.


How can I have support?

Free version has not support, I’m sorry. PRO version has 30 days support by tickets system only on the website where you bought PRO edition.

Does it work with a FTP webcam?

Yes, it works only with webcam that save images via FTP.

I have issue on setting the url path where my webcam upload images

Please, read our documentation here https://programmisitiweb.lacasettabio.it/en/wordpress-webcam-viewer-module-document-and-changelog/.
If you need more help, please open a support ticket into your user account of the website where you bought Pro edition webcam viewer module.


16 maaie, 2023
Ho comprato Webcam Viewer Pro Edition per un mio cliente che necessitava di configurare due webcam sul suo sito di promozione turistica. Non riuscivo a configurarlo per la mia poca esperienza in fatto di webcam, ho contattato l'assistenza e Antonio Germani lo sviluppatorte, si è mostrato subito molto disponibile e celere nel rispondere all'assistenza e ad aiutarmi a configurare le webcam. Sono davvero molto soddisfatta!! Consiglio questo plugin e anche lo sviluppatore SERIO e PROFESSIONALE ElisaWeb
21 jannewaris, 2023 1 reakce
unfortunately, using this plugin is completely unintuitive. No guides, some incomprehensible example in the settings. I can't make it work. Can the author write a simple guide on how to use it?? Since he already sells this plug. I would be grateful.


15 desimber, 2022
Das Plugin funktioniert einwandfrei und der Support ist hervorragend. Ich nutze das Pro Plugin
14 oktober, 2022 2 antwurden
The free version is very poor but the PRO edition goes as a charm. It is full of settings to adapt to a lot of type of FTP webcam.
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  • fixed some issue with php 8.1 version.


  • Compatible until php 8.1 version.


  • Initial WordPress release.