Urvanov Syntax Highlighter

Reincarnation of Crayon Syntax Highlighter. Syntax Highlighter supporting multiple languages, themes, fonts, highlighting from a…

Fedor Urvanov, Aram Kocharyan 3. 000+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 6.4.4 Bywurke 2 wiken lyn

CodeMirror Blocks

CodeMirror Blocks is useful for tutorial site where display formatted (highlighted) code block. With support…

Vicky Agravat 2. 000+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 6.5.2 Bywurke 6 dagen lyn


Allows Markdown to be enabled in posts, comments and bbPress forums.

Stephen Harris 1. 000+ aktive ynstallaasjes Bywurke 6 jier lyn

AH Code Highlighter

The easiest to use code highlighting ever. Choose between 8 different color themes to highlight…

Andreas Hecht 100+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 5.0.0 Bywurke 6 jier lyn

iG:Syntax Hiliter

A plugin to easily present source code on your site with syntax highlighting and formatting…

Amit Gupta 80+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 5.9.9 Bywurke 2 jier lyn

Better Code Editing

Adding CodeMirror functionality to the Plugin and Theme file editors, as well as the Customizer…

The WordPress Team 30+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 4.9.25 Bywurke 7 jier lyn

Smart Syntax

Automatic google prettify syntax highlighting for jetpack markdown fenced code blocks

Smartpixels 20+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 4.6.28 Bywurke 8 jier lyn

Alkane Code

A TinyMCE code editor with Prism syntax highlighting.

Alkane Solutions Ltd 10+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 6.0.8 Bywurke 2 jier lyn

APH Syntax Highlighter

Bringing SyntaxHighlighter 4 by Alex Gorbatchev into Wordpress easily. Easy to use with user-friendly GUI.…

Agus Prawoto Hadi 10+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 4.7.28 Bywurke 7 jier lyn

Vaaky Highlighter

Simple yet elegant syntax or code highlighter based on highlight.js. It allows you to add…

Raunak Gupta 10+ aktive ynstallaasjes Teste mei 6.4.4 Bywurke 3 moannen lyn