WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection uses aggressive techniques in protecting your online content (text/source/images/video/audio) from being…

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Footer Putter

Put a footer on your site that boosts your credibility with both search engines and…

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DMCA Protection Badge

The DMCA Protection plugin for WordPress lets you install protection badges on your site in…

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If you install CopyRightPro, your content of wordpress will be protected.

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Append Link on Copy

This plugin allows the user to automatically append a link to the current page, when…

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Genesis Widgetized Footer

Finally, use widgets to edit the Footer area ('Return to Top' plus 'Copyright/Credits') in Genesis…

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Creative Commons

Official Creative Commons plugin for licensing your content. With Creative Commons licenses, keep your copyright…

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TG Copy Protection

Copy protect contents by disabling mouse and keyboard commands, or by emptying copied text, or…

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