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SlingBlocks – Gutenberg Blocks by FunnelKit (Formerly WooFunnels)

SlingBlocks – Gutenberg Blocks by FunnelKit (Formerly WooFunnels)


SlingBlocks is a minimalist Gutenberg Block Plugin that extends Gutenberg to provide page building capabilities.

Custom Blocks

  • Columns Layout
  • Advance Button
  • Accordion
  • Advance Heading
  • Icon List
  • Countdown Timer
  • Progress Bar
  • Icon
  • Space Divider

Key Block Features

Responsive Controls

Each Block provides a seamless responsive style for granular control on the desktop, mobile and tablet.

Intuitive Settings

The shorter learning curve with standardised settings that are consistent across blocks.

Better Design WorkFlow

Build a design for desktop and switch to mobile view to adjust the settings all at once. Or vice versa. You decide the workflow.

Theme agnostic

Tested with popular themes.

Minimalist Framework

Useful for agencies, theme designers, plugin creators (like us!) or anyone who want a minimalist framework for their projects.

Performance Oriented

Designed with performance and extensibility in mind.

Why did we build SlingBlocks?

Truth be told we never intended to build a block plugin.

We at FunnelKit were looking for a plugin that would seamlessly allow our Funnel Builder to provide templates for Gutenberg.

When we began looking at various Block Plugins none of them could match to fit our needs.

WooFunnels had previously integrated with Elementor, Divi and Oxygen and we wanted nothing short of the experience.

SlingBlocks was born.

Combine SlingBlocks with our Funnel Builder and you get a powerful sales funnel building suite using Gutenberg.

Our hope is that it’s not only a companion plugin for WooFunnels but also for your next project.

Looking for templates?

SlingBlocks does not include templates.

Get access to templates for Sales Pages, Optin Pages, Checkout and Thank you pages all built with SlingBlocks with Funnel Builder by WooFunnels.

Funnel Builder allows you to create lead generation and sales funnel flows.

Download Funnel Builder and get access to more blocks.

  • Optin Block: To create optin and squeeze pages to capture leads

  • Checkout Block: To create beautiful WooCommerce one-page checkout or global checkout for your store

  • Thank You Page Block: To present a nice looking thank you page

  • One Click Upsell Blocks (Pro): To present one-click upsell offers to increase average order value


There are two ways to install SlingBlocks.

  1. Go to “Plugins > Add New” in your Dashboard and search for: SlingBlocks
  2. Download the .zip from WordPress.org, and upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.


11 maart, 2022
I use these blocks together with kadence blocks. No need to use any other pagebuilder. Really happy to be free of anything like Elementor etc 🙂
26 jannewaris, 2022
Don’t hesitate to use any plugin by the WooFunnels team. They are super helpful and the products work fantastic!
11 jannewaris, 2022
A fantastic addition to the Woofunnels family, which I’ve been happily using for years. Awesome support too, which is SO important!!
5 jannewaris, 2022
If you are going with Gutenberg, which I highly suggest because you are not going to blow your WP like nine months, pregnant women, you should be using the sling plugin. Additionally, if you are in the e-commerce area and creating a funnel, I highly suggest you try the WooFunnel plugins. It has its own CRM and a lot of integration with features. You even cant have it with a click funnel… Long story short, take it:D
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1.5.0 (Jul 14, 2024)

  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.6
  • Security: Fixed a security issue related to container block. Restricted Tag name modification in API for logged in user contributor role. (#190)

1.4.1 (May 13, 2024)

  • Security: Fixed a security issue related to text block. Restricted Tag name modification in API for logged in user contributor role. (#184)

1.4.0 (Mar 28, 2024)

  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.5
  • Fixed: Countdown block: Timezone issue fixed. (#177)
  • Fixed: Button block: Alignment issue with secondary text fixed. (#173)
  • Fixed: WordPress dependency issue fixed (#179)

1.3.0 (Nov 28, 2023)

  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.4.1
  • PHP 8.1 related fixes done. (#161, #170)
  • Improved: Heading block: Links adding some extra space, fixed. (#166)
  • Fixed: Column block: width increased when padding gap added, fixed. (#156)
  • Fixed: Video tag css fixed position corrected. (#157)
  • Fixed: Countdown block: Before and After text css improved. (#163)

1.2.1 (Mar 28, 2023)

  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.2.0
  • Added: Added support for custom color in Color Palette. (#153)
  • Improved: Custom font code improved in blocks to handle breakages. (#139)
  • Improved: Compatibility improved with FunnelKit Checkout. (#143)
  • Fixed: Button icon alignment code improved. (#145)
  • Fixed: Re-rendering issues with reusable blocks, fixed. (#150)
  • Dev: Filter hook ‘bwf_custom_google_font_names_list’ added to add or remove Google Fonts. (#141)

1.2.0 (Nov 7, 2022)

  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.1.0
  • Added: Icon List block: “px” unit setting is added for selection. (#129)
  • Fixed: FunnelKit Funnel Builder: Store checkout page CSS conflict resolved. (#126)
  • Fixed: An issue found with button outline setting, fixed. (#135).

1.1.5 (Oct 3, 2022)

  • Fixed: Kadence theme, older version compatibility fix.

1.1.4 (Sep 19, 2022)

  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.0.2
  • Added: Compatibility with Kadence theme.
  • Added: Added support for ‘Alata’ font.
  • Improved: Usability improvements and editor responsive related improvements done.
  • Fixed: Issues with the live preview.

1.1.3 (May 24, 2022)

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.0.0

1.1.2 (Apr 05, 2022)

  • Fixed: Removed WithState deprecated react hook.
  • Fixed: Blocks toolbar deprecated warning message.
  • Improved: Countdown Timer Block.
  • Improved: Some google fonts were missing, added.

1.1.1 (Jan 27, 2022)

  • Improved: Evergreen Countdown Timer Session logic based on cookies. (#48)
  • Fixed: Text field wasn’t working in Advanced Heading block, fixed. (#68)

1.1.0 (Jan 24, 2022)

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.9.0.
  • New: Countdown Timer, new block is added.
  • Improved: Row block renamed to Container block with few new options, overall experience improved.
  • Improved: Blocks styling tab settings readability improvements.
  • Improved: Blocks UI/UX improved. Manage padding visually in the Guten editor.
  • Improved: Icon List block: Some CSS improvements.
  • Improved: z-index component updated, experience improved.
  • Fixed: Some PHP warnings, resolved.


  • Initial release