Simple Payment


Simple Payment enables a simple, fast and powerful integration to process payments, converting any post or page to a Product or Service, no need to install complicated plugins.

Simple Payment works with many payment gateways, and enables you to add you customized gateway easily

Major features in Simple Payment include:

  • Integrate any of the supported Payment gateways (PayPal, Cardcom, iCount, PayMe, iCredit, Credit2000)
  • Selection of Payment Forms to choose from (Basic, Bootstrap, Legacy, Donation)
  • Works with plugins such as: Gutenberg Editor, WooCommerce, WPJobBoard, GravityForms, Form Maker.
  • Extend workflow with Zapier – get triggers and preform actions on payments via Zapier.
  • Donation Form for free entry amount
  • PCI-DSS Data Protection Ready (All sensitive are masked in database)
  • Convert Any Post / Page to a Service/ Product
  • Automatically takes Post/Page Title as Product Name
  • Simple integrate Buy Button everywhere
  • Custom Field: amount – will be the amount to be charged
  • Full Form with Templates: Bootstrap, Legacy
  • Support for personalized theme payment forms templates
  • Simple Use of Shortcode to convert any post/page
  • Enable Multiple Payment Engines
  • Transactions / Payments Log with Filtering
  • Export Transactions to CSV

Currently on Beta: PayMe – please contact if require assistance.

Soon to be released: Pelecard, Tranzilla, CreditGuard

PS: You’ll need an Simple Payment API key for advanced gateways to use it. Keys are available for personal blogs; single domain, multiple domains, businesses and commercial sites.

Feedback and Support

I would be happy to receive your feedback to improve this plugin.

Please let me know through support forums if you like it and please be sure to leave a review..

Also you can contact me on my personal page Ido Kobelkowsky or even visit Github of Simple Payment where you can find all the development code of this plugin.

I hope it is useful for you and look forward to reading your reviews! 😉 Thanks!

Advanced Configuration: Theme Custom Payment Processing

To write your own payment processing integration, to be plugin, read the information at this link:

you will require to write a simple php class that Pre Process, Process and Post Process the transaction with your your payment gateway.


  • Create Payment Page; use Admin -> Settings -> Reading to define which is your Payment Page.
  • Configure the gateway parameters, you may use one of our many preinstalled gateways.
  • Integrate our [simple_payment] shortcode on that page, to show one of our wonderful forms
  • Track each transaction, keep record of parameters sent and responds.
  • Payment Form example (our Legacy form) – we have bootstrap ready, donation etc.
  • REMEMBER! Set the Payment Page so you can enjoy the plugin.
  • Gutenberg Editor support – easy configuration for your multiple payment forms.
  • Tranaction Log
  • Extended configuration
  • PCI-DSS ready, masking data directly in database


Dizze plugin jout 1 blok.

  • Simple Payment


  1. Upload the Simple Payment plugin to your site, Activate it, then enter your Simple Payment API key.

  2. Select Payment Page where you will have the Payment Form integrated

  3. add shortcode on the Payment Page

  4. Activate your Payment Processing on the Admin Menu: Settings -> Simple Payment

  5. That’s it, track your payments on the Payments Admin Menu log.


Which Payment Gateway this plugin support?

Currently it supports PayPal, Cardcom, iCount, PayMe, iCredit, with another new payment gateway added every month.

How does Simple Payment complies with PCI-DSS

When a payment is passed through the plugin, it restricts the use of sensible data to the minimum possible,
avoids any replication of variables and data, and upon saving on the database is masks and hides the data
so no sensible data is saved in the database.

Additional it allows you to automaticaly purge any records older the X days.

Can I work with Simple Payments and other plugins

Simple Payment is ready to be extended, it exposes actions and filters (add_action & add_filters), to hook
in differnet parts of the payment process.

You can also extend any of the existing Payment Gateways (Engines) or write your own Custom Engine, and finally
you can integrate Simple Payment with Zapier


3 maaie, 2022
I’ve been using this one for a while now, and it works like a charm. When it dosen’t and I need support I know it’s just one email away from me and the creator of the plugin will try his best to help and solve it. Never seen anything like it!
7 desimber, 2019
i just couldn’t wait to tell about this great tool called “simple payment” i was lost until i found this talented developer he just can take every page and every plugin and turn it into a payment page that is just amazing it was a delight to work with you Ido Kobelkowsky we will defiantly continue to work together in the future so if you need payment on your wordpress plugins woocommers form maker wp job board and many more as long as you can think of and you name it and ido will make it work for you
23 oktober, 2019
I know I am very subjective in my opinion, I am the developer of the plugin – but I still think I get to put a review of it; SO! I love working on this plugin, it is challenging, fun and truly simplifies my life while working on client’s sites and other projects, I have learned a lot of how to optimize the the plugin to work as much as possible with the Wordpress platform and still obtain the exact results I wanted on the features.
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Release Date – 9 May 2022
* CreditGuard Support
* Minor bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 9 May 2022
* Addition of Multi products flag on GF Feed
* Fixed issues with GF multiple products on invoice iCount
* Fixed issues with CC Storage iCount ( must have Client Name to enable, or pre-existing client )


Release Date – 9 Mar 2022
* Ready for WP 5.9.1
* Support for GF & Multiple Products in invoice Cardcom


Release Date – 6 Mar 2021
* Fix limit 30 chars for iCount sanity_string


Release Date – 15 Feb 2021
* Disable composer platform-check


Release Date – 15 Feb 2021
* Added filter: sp_list_table_columns
* Added filter: sp_list_table_column_value
* Added filter: sp_admin_sections
* Added filter: sp_admin_settings
* Added filter: sp_admin_tabs
* Added support for columns with jsonq in payments list


Release Date – 30 Dec 2020
* Support & Tested up to WordPress 5.6
* Support & Tested on PHP 7.4
* Fixed issue with not saving per page on admin transaction list
* Enabled filter by date range on admin transaction list
* Added created on filters on admin transaction list
* Improved and fixed issues with Cardcom payment gateway
* Added support to WC Subscription
* Beta version with Cardcom & WC Subscription
* Added refund function
* Added support of old mysql server for TIMESTAMP for modified and created on db tables


Release Date – 5 May 2020
* Provide Documentation and additional links


Release Date – 5 May 2020
* Support for WordPress 5.4.1
* Support for WooCommerce 4.1
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 10 April 2020
* WooCommerce improvements
* settings: “woocommerce_show_checkout”: true – for iframe/modal inside checkout page
* settings: “modal_disable_close”: true – for non-closing modal
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 6 April 2020
* CVV type engines bug on GravityForms
* Tests for WordPress 5.4
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 10 February 2020
* Hebrew translation
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 7 February 2020
* Support for Credit2000 Payment Gateway
* Improved error handling
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 23 January 2020
* Support for GravityForms
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 11 December 2019
* Adding support to iCredit & PayMe
* Support for Elementor Page Builder
* Internet Explorer bug fix
* Improvement of Gutenberg Editor block type
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 4 December 2019
* Adding Company field for Cardcom & general usage
* Improvement of Gutenberg Editor block type
* Bug fix of SQL error after archive/unarchive on transaction list
* General bug fixes and improvements


Release Date – 24 November 2019
* Bugfix on Cardcom special cases.


Release Date – 24 November 2019
* Better support for WPJobBoard] & WooCommerce
* Enable single item receipt in WooCommerce & WPJobBoard
* Enable customize product name in WooCommerce & WPJobBoard
* Enable iframe, modal & redirect mode in WooCommerce & WPJobBoard
* Cardcom flag to minimize information on receipt – will show only minimum necessary information
* Enables supports() to Engines
* Bugfix on verification process.


Release Date – 12 November 2019


Release Date – 12 November 2019

  • Introducing visible and resetable API_KEY
  • Cron Schedule for Simple Payment maintenance
  • Auto validate open transactions
  • Auto fail open transactions after a certain period


Release Date – 11 November 2019

  • Unarchive feature
  • General improvements and addons code structure


Release Date – 5 November 2019

Great news! we now support Zapier & WooCommerce, so all Payment Gateways (Engines) can now
work transparently in WooCommerce.

  • Zapier integration; use this link to connect and configure: Zapier
  • WooCommerce enable Simple Payment on your WooCommerce and enjoy the same control of Simple Payment
  • Shortcode now accept: currency & installments
  • Stability improvements
  • General Bug fixes


Release Date – 4 November 2019

  • Introduction of Archive & Purge transaction
  • Introduction of Beta Zapier integration
  • Create WordPress User (Secret or Via Register) on payment (pre or post payment)
  • General Bug fixes


Release Date – 1 October 2019

  • First release