Shipping Method Conditionally for Woocommerce


Running an online store often requires flexibility in how you manage shipping options for your customers. There may be times when you need to hide or show certain shipping methods based on specific time ranges. For example, you might want to disable next-day delivery during weekends or offer special shipping rates during holiday seasons.

This plugin provides a powerful solution to these needs by allowing you to conditionally manage your store’s shipping methods based on custom time ranges. With this plugin, you can:

Set Custom Time Ranges: Define specific periods during which certain shipping methods should be available or hidden.
Automate Shipping Options: Automatically show or hide shipping methods without manual intervention, ensuring your shipping options are always up-to-date.
Improve Customer Experience: Offer your customers the most relevant shipping options based on the time of their order, enhancing their shopping experience.
Increase Operational Efficiency: Streamline your shipping process by automatically adapting to different time-based conditions, reducing the need for manual adjustments.
Whether you need to manage peak shipping times, accommodate special promotions, or simply provide better service to your customers, this plugin will help you achieve those goals with ease and precision.

Install this plugin today and take control of your store’s shipping methods with custom time-based conditions. Make your shipping process smarter and more responsive to both your business needs and your customers’ expectations.


  • Show/hide shipping methods based on custom time limit.
  • Show or hide multiple methods in different zone.


  • Time range settings for the shipping method
  • Shipping method assign in the zone


Is it for only woocommerce?

Yes, This is only for woocommerce.

Can I hide multiple methods at a time?

Yes, You can hide multiple methods at a time.


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