Scrollsequence – Cinematic Scroll Image Animation Plugin


Scrollsequence allows you to create stunning image sequence animations that are controlled with mousewheel or touch. Turn static design into cinematic experience in few clicks.

Make your website come alive, scroll through video and interactive content. You can use it to create an eye-catching animation sequence on your homepage or in individual posts and pages to offer a more cinematic, engaging way for visitors to consume your content.

Never seen before on WordPress

Scroll sequence technology was exclusive to big tech companies, who have budget and skills to implement it from scratch. Sony, Apple and Samsung made use of this background animation technique, learn how they made use of scroll animations and how to add this feature to your site with ease.

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Main Features

  • Performance – Thanks to HTML5 Canvas image draw technology and lightweight scripts and HTML
  • Drag and Drop – Reorder images, scenes and animations
  • Animate HTML Elements – Write and animate content in sync with media
  • WYSIWYG editor – Shortcode and oEmbed capability
  • Compatible – Use with Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, Beaver Builder and many others
  • SEO – All content is visible for search engines
  • Fully responsive – Mobile and desktop sizing and alignment options
  • Media gallery – Backend upload and select
  • Image preloading – Images are pre-loaded in the background
  • Custom CSS – Add your own styles
  • Image opacity and background color settings
  • Scrollsequence speed settings
  • Fallback option when user has Javascript disabled
  • Options for footer and sidebar hide/display
  • Native WordPress shortcode support

What others say about Scrollsequence?

You’ve never seen anything like this in WordPress. ” – Bjorn Allpas – WP Learning Lab

This takes interactivity to another level. ” – Imran Siddiq – Web Squadron

Game Changer – Really excited for the future of this plugin as out of the gate it’s amazing. Excited for what the future holds and looking forward to widget functionality perhaps in builders like Divi.” – Luke Dempsey

Best execution of scrolly telling – I’ve tried a lot of ways to create scrolly telling content…from lottie files to scroll triggers to custom gsap stuff. None comes close to what Scrollsequence can do though.” – Leon Kiongwei

Great plugin – It works, it’s fluent. You just need some time to understand the logic, but it’s fairly straightforward.” – P Fabor


  • Scrollsequence - Cyberpunk Animation Example
  • Scrollsequence - Beauty Animation Example
  • User Interface - Beauty Animation Example
  • Dashboard
  • Shortcode example usage
  • User Interface 1
  • User Interface 2


  1. Upload Scrollsequence .zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Scrollsequence admin menu
  4. Follow Getting Started in dashboard menu


Do I need to know any coding?

No, Scrollsequence makes it easy for you to create unique user experiences with animated background.

Can I use it on any website?

Yes, if you have existing website you can add this functionality with few clicks.

Can I use Scrollsequence with Elementor or Divi?

Yes, just insert shortcode into any builder of your choice and it will seamlessly blend in!

How can I add the animation to a post or page?

Use shortcode [scrollsequence id=”####”] to insert it into any page or post.

Is Scrollsequence compatible with all themes?

We have done our best for you being able to use it on any website. It is recommended to use themes that do not break normal scroll behavior with custom scroll bars, or AJAX transitions. Please contact our support if you find issues with integration to your theme.

Is it free?

Yes, basic functionality is free. If you want to go fancy, you can buy PRO or Business versions.

Do you offer support?

Yes, there is an email support for the PRO version. If you use the free version, don’t hesitate and ask on the WordPress support forum.

What about page loading times?

First few images are fetched during page load. As soon as a minimum number of images have finished loading, the animation is displayed and remaining images are loaded in the background.


9 maaie, 2023
It is easy to declare the winner after first trying to build the same feature / app on own team. Scrollsequence got it right. The very core of the app, which is the end user experience (look & feel) and the SEO compatibility are the key reasons not to look further on. We are rolling this out to multiple use cases now.
28 febrewaris, 2023
Scroll Sequence is an incredible plugin that lets you add finesse to your website that is difficult to achieve otherwise. You can use its simple user interface to create these fantastic website scrolling effects even if you're not a web developer. I could only recommend this plugin, and I completely do not understand why this last reviewer complains that there is no free version. So it seems he has not even tested it yet. Why should anybody do this vast amount of work and earn nothing?
20 febrewaris, 2023 1 reakce
The concept is cool and, at it's launch maybe it was the only plugin doing this, not anymore. However.... This plugin is useless without a membership on their site and there is no free membership option, just 14 days trial. So why is it here in the WP directory? Could be in commercial directories like envato, but seems pointless here, there is no functionality other than selling a freemius membership for embeding
25 maaie, 2022
It does take a little time to figure out, but the result is stunning. Must have plugin for sure. We have been using the free trial for a few day's but soon after bought the premium version. Keep up the good work!
22 oktober, 2021
Scroll Sequence brings helps you bring a high level of complexity and awesomeness to your website. It's so simple to use, the only thing that could hold you back is your own creativity. The final sequence runs smooth as ever. I also haven't noticed any speed issues (convert your images to WebP if needed). Ales from the support team went over and above helping me. More help help than you would ever expect from a support team.
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  • start trigger visibility fix
  • front end development information added to “Show Triggers”


  • Freemius SDK Update
  • Docs link added
  • WordPress 6.2 & 2323 Theme compatibility


  • Update, ssqalert


  • Update


  • High Definition Canvas Option
  • WP Rocket Image CDN Support


  • FSE Bugfix


  • Position Absolute
  • More options for hiding scrollsequence on specific devices


Major Update
– Knowledge Base Dashboard Link Added
– Options added for position (CSS Sticky, JS Sticky and Static)
– .scrollsequence-spacer DOM element removed
– Scrollsequence DOM wrapper and comment added
– Delayed refresh caused frame drop – Fixed
– Bugfix Safari “Error repeatedly occured”
– Minor updates
– Freemius SDK 2.4.5 Update


  • Meta Box Bugfixes
  • HelpScout Beacon
  • Trial does not require a card
  • Affiliate SDK fix