Next Tiny Date


Next Tiny Date allows you to propose an appointment booking form on your website through the adding of a simple shortcode.
Configure your opening hours, add your reasons for appointment.
Set the bank holidays and configure the dates of your holidays.
Choose the appointment duration.
Then let clients book directly in a week view from your website!
You can then view your appointments or cancel them.
Lock or unlock some appointment slots for personal use, export them in a .CSV file…
It can send confirmation emails, and redirect to a payment page.
It generates stats with pie and bar charts of number of appointments per day and per reason of appointment.
Usefull for health professional for medical appointments, teachers with different types of courses, business people for planing meetings…
Very light and easy to use!


This plugin is available in English & French.

Custom development

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  • Appointments view per day
  • General Settings – Opening hours (1/2)
  • General Settings (2/2)
  • Statistics of appointments per days of the week, and by appointment category.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/next-tiny-date directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugin screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to Next Tiny Date menu to configure the plugin and save your changes.


Why won’t this work?

It does work. If not just let me know! 😉

Can I configure the duration of my appointments?

Yes, you can!

What’s happened for already booked appointements?

Only the available appointments are proposed to your client on your booking form.
You can also lock some appointments for your own needs to avoid a client to book it.

Can I have different opening hours according to the days of the week?

Yes each day is independant and you can configure the opening hours.

Can I set my holidays?

Yes you can set the bank holidays and configure the dates of your holidays.


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  • Full redesign to book in a scrolling week view of available hours for appointment.


  • Added redirection to chek-in payment page after booking.


  • Added stats of appointments.


  • Added possibility of cleaning all appointments before today’s date to clean the database.


  • Added cancel of booking appointments, and automatic sending of an email to the client.


  • Added possibility of cleaning all appointments before today’s date to clean the database.


  • Added setting of bank holidays and dates of your own holidays.


  • Added configuration of appointment duration and color setings.


  • Added fully configuration of opening hours.


  • Added export of appointments in .CSV file.


  • Added automatic sending of an email to the webmaster and to the client on appointment booking.


  • Added possibilty of lock/unlock some slots for personal use.


  • New appointments in Database table.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Released.