Dizze plugin is net hifke mei de lêste 3 grutte releases fan WordPress . It kin net langer wurde ûnderhâlden of stipe en kin kompatibiliteitsproblemen hawwe as it wurdt brûkt mei resinte ferzjes fan WordPress.

myPortfolio Plus


About the Plugin

My Portfolio Plus is a plugin designed for WordPress 3.x that enables a Web Developer/Designer to create a WordPress Portfolio for their work in a very easy way that doesn’t rely on outdated methods such as custom fields and proprietary editors. The Plugin Homepage contains a full list of features.

Example Portfolio

I created this plugin to power my own portfolio. The best way to see how this plugin works on the front end of a WordPress installation is to visit my Portfolio. You can see how the administration section works by looking at the provided screenshots.

Extraordinarily Simple Management

Using the latest technologies offered by the newest version of WordPress, you can add a Project as you would normally add a Post or Page. The Project Edit Page is especially easy to use, as you give the Project a title as you would a standard WordPress Post along with some content to describe the work undertaken.

What is unique about this plugin is that included in the editor is a series of fields to collect information regarding that project. Currently the plugin collects the URL of the site, the Client Name and the Date the project was completed.

Automatic Thumbnails

Some say a picture is worth 1,000 words and this plugin helps you say those words with no extra effort. Using the power of Shrink The Web (Free Account Needed) and the URL of the site that you have already entered, My Portfolio Plus will automatically retrieve a generated thumbnail of the site in question and by default will be displayed on the Projects listing page for all to see.

Live Site Preview

Thumbnails are great but your hard work deserves to be seen as it was intended at full size. That is why by utilising the power of colorbox, My Portfolio Plus enables the end user to click a site thumbnail and view it within a gorgeous in-place frame without ever leaving your portfolio page.

Filter by Platform

Using the powerful new taxonomy features of WordPress 3, I have added the ability to group projects by the platform used to develop them. For instance you could define that a project was completed using PHP, WordPress & jQuery, another using .NET & Moo Tools and finally a site using PHP, Zend Framework & Scriptaculous.

While this may seem pedantic at first, the default project list template included with the plugin comes complete with a sidebar that will list all of the platforms you have defined, in the form of a tag cloud. Clicking on one of these platforms will filter the projects list to show only the projects completed using that platform, this information is available through a URL too. You can link to all of your completed WordPress projects by simply sending the link: http://your-site-url/projects/platform/wordpress/ to a potential client.

Speed Up Your Portfolio Management

Remember, this is all available by simply providing the Name of a Website you have worked on and the URL at which it is available. Depending on the size of your project description you can add a completely new project in under 30 seconds.


Please leave a comment on the plugin home page.

Official Homepage

The official homepage of this plugin is here:


  • How the Projects Plugin appears in the wordpress admin, very familiar.
  • Example of two listed websites within the Portfolio plugin.
  • How the My Portfolio Plus plugin, extends the existing Wordpress Editor.
  • Platform choosing capabilities, works just like standard categories.



  1. Unzip the plugin archive
  2. Upload the entire folder MyPortfolioPlus to your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/)
  3. Ensure your wordpress uploads directory exists and is writable (/wp-content/uploads/)
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. A new Projects Admin Menu should appear below Comments
  6. Go to Projects -> Options to configure your preferences
  7. If you want to utilise Shrink the Web thumbnails, you must enter your API credentials on this page.
  8. Add a Link to http://your-site-url/projects in the main site navigation


  • Only PHP 5+ is supported, although PHP 4 may work.
  • PHP Safe Mode is not supported, you may be able to hack it to work though
  • WordPress 3.x + only


I’m getting 404 errors for my project links

Should this occur, the easiest solution to this is to visit the permalinks section of your WordPress admin. This will flush your permalinks settings and should make the site realise the Portfolio plugin is installed.

I’m not a web designer but wish to use this Plugin

In a future version I will be making the plugin more generic in nature to accommodate all kinds of portfolios, such as; Graphic Design, literature, architecture and many other types of creative projects. I will also very soon be releasing an update for fellow programmers that extends support to software. Whether it be an Open Source Library, an iPhone App, a Desktop App or even a WordPress Plugin!

The plugin isn’t working for me, please help

I will do my best to answer any comments that are left in the official channels (Plugin Homepage comments), but I can not offer any kind of guaranteed support. Please do not spam my inbox with problems for two reasons: 1. Others with the same issue will not be able to see that the feature/bug has been reported. 2. I won’t reply.

The Feature I want isn’t available

This is version 1.0 software. Visit the plugin homepage and leave a comment if you have a feature request, I cannot possibly include all functionality requested but I will do my best.


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  • Fixed bug that stopped plugin from functioning within ran in a subfolder of the webserver


  • Added support for Default WordPress URL’s, just use ?page_id=projects instead of /projects


  • Removed setting all errors on, really sorry about that!


  • Added admin notice, tied to check if thumbnail directory is writeable by WordPress.


  • Added admin notice to remind users to sign up for Shrink The Web Accounts.


  • Fixed problem due to assuming wordpress would give the plugin the directory I developed it with.


  • No Changes as is brand new