MSTW Bracket Builder


The MSTW Bracket Builder plugin creates, manages, and displays multiple tournaments. Shortcodes are available to display brackets (knockout rounds), and tables of games (fixtures). The front end displays can be formatted via shortcode arguments, and the plugin’s stylesheet.


Build tournament brackets (knockout rounds) and tournament schedules (fixture tables) quickly and easily. Make your site pop by adding team logos, name and location formats, and links to maps, team sites, and venue sites. Automatically schedule by seed, or schedule manually. The automated admin process advances teams to future rounds based on the results of previous rounds. What are the differences between Bracket Builder Free & Premium Versions?
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NOTE 1: You MUST deactivate and delete the free version of the plugin before installing the premium version.

NOTE 2: Tournaments built in the free version will not be available in the premium version. You must recreate any existing tournaments. [This will be addressed in a future release.]

NOTE 3: The plugin is designed for tournaments with TEAMS participating. While it will work for tournaments with individual players, e.g., tennis tournaments, it is not intended for that purpose. [This will be addressed in a future release.]

Helpful Links


  • Sample Tournament Bracket [shortcode]
  • Sample Tournament Games/Fixtures Table [shortcode]
  • Create/configure Tournament (admin) [shortcode]
  • Edit/update Tournament [shortcode]


All the normal installation methods for WordPress plugins work. See the installation manual page for details.
Upon installation make sure the WP default timezone is set correctly in the WordPress Settings->General screen.


27 desimber, 2017 3 antwurden
Unable to add teams to some tournaments, on the ones that you can, when you update the tournament brackets, it overwrites all games with the game 1 information. Too many errors in log to make it worthwhile figuring out the issues.
3 septimber, 2016
Works for me! (WP 4.5, PHP 5.5, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve themes) Basic, but many more cool features to follow.
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  • The major purpose of this release was to remove the each() construct because it has been removed from PHP 8.0.
  • Cleaned up a couple of minor bugs.
  • Some improvements to the admin screens.


  • Extensive changes to the plugin’s stylesheet to insure brackets layout correctly (in containers with a min-width of 1200px)
  • Fixed Bug. Tourney slug now shows correctly On the Tournaments admin screen’s table.
  • Fixed Bug. Team Names that have not been entered now display as blank rather than -1.


  • Fixed bug. Calls mstw_bb_get_current_post_type instead of mstw_get_current_post_type in mstw_bb_admin (left over from LM).
  • Fixed bug (left-over test code) in single-tourney.php template.
  • Fixed bug. Call to mstw_safe_ref(), which no longer exists.
  • Fixed bugs (typos) with CSS tags.
  • Updated Quick Start Screen
  • Added more error checking and internationalized strings throughout


  • Initial release.