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12 oktober, 2018 1 reakce
I have been using the premium version of this plugin for the last several months. It works exactly as described. I have purchased two other similar plugins on code canyon and neither worked. Requested support for this plugin twice since I purchased and Mark responded immediately and helped solve my problem. Can’t say enough great things about this plugin and support. Worth every penny. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you Alec
9 septimber, 2017 1 reakce
OK – I am talking about the paid version, but wanted to report back here that the paid version is the BEST plugin if you want to create some rules around min and max purchases, quantities or prices. Plus, the support is amazing – always replies within 24 hours – official WooCommerce extensions often take 3 days or more. This kind of support is so worth the money as I wasted days on other plugins waiting for support.
8 septimber, 2017
Big cheater as he wasted our time by posting a paid plugin that will never work unless you pay them it is misleading and I will report it to WP
11 jannewaris, 2017
This plugin is made simply to make money, not to be helpful. Nothing worked in the “basic” version. To do anything you’ll need to upgrade. I considered it, but then it’s $70.00, which is way too much to have a plugin that I’ll only need every once in a great while to limit special purchases. I’d rather deal with plugins that have good functionality that make me want to upgrade, than those that force you to because it won’t function without payment. Not a good deal here.
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