ManagedOrg Donative


Managedorg Product Driver Plugin is used to showcase campaigns and campaign requirements into wordpress website of charitable/non-profit organizations to list out requirements and wish lists for easy donation.


Upload the Managedorg – Product Driver plugin to your WordPress site, activate it, and then add shortcode to your wordpress site. That’s it!!!


General Campaign Listing

[MODD_LIST ids=”1″]

ids ---> ids —> Used to pass page IDs to show campaign

Campaign Listing from Specific Locations

[MODD_LIST ids=”1″ location=”NY,TY”]

ids ---> Used to pass page IDs to show campaign
location ---> For listing campaigns from specific locations. e.g., location="NY,TY"

List of available attribute in shortcode

location ---> For listing campaigns from specific locations. e.g., location="NY,TY"
tags ---> For listing campaigns from specific tags. e.g., tags="kids,medical"
campaign_id ---> For listing campaigns from specific campaign IDs. e.g., campaign_id="123,537"
blocked_campaign ---> For hiding campaigns from specific campaign IDs. e.g., blocked_campaign="123,537"
campaigns_per_page ---> Number of campaigns displayed on one page. Default is 6. e.g., campaigns_per_page="12". For displaying all campaigns, use campaigns_per_page="all"
products_per_page ---> Number of products displayed on a single campaign page. Default is 9. e.g., products_per_page="15". For displaying all products, use products_per_page="all"
helpwith_checkbox_text ---> Change 'Help with' checkbox text. e.g., helpwith_checkbox_text="my new text"
helpwith_label ---> Change 'Help with' checkbox label. e.g., helpwith_label="my new label"
helpwith_description ---> Change 'Help with' checkbox description. e.g., helpwith_description="my new description"
helpwith_enable ---> For removing 'Help With' checkbox. Use helpwith_description="0"

For Campaign Testing on Different Server or on Localhost

[MODD_LIST ids=”44″ server=”” admin=”” origin=””]

ids ---> Used to pass page IDs to show list
server ---> Contact Managedorg team to provide server parameter
admin ---> Contact Managedorg team to provide admin parameter
origin ---> Contact Managedorg team to provide origin parameter


  • MangedOrg Plugin settings


How can we change list foreground color style?

We can pass an attribute named fgcolor to change header

How can we show particular location campaign only?

We can pass value for an attribute named location to filter location based listing

How can we filter campaigns?

We can pass value for tags attribute with comma separator to filter campaigns.


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  • Check Grand total round up box by default.
  • Price update for internal db if the amazon product price is different.
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  • Info messages are added for Shipping & Surcharge.

Payment section updated.

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