ITS Jewellery Price Plugin


ITS Jewellery Price Plugin for Woocommerce helps to update prices of jewellery products. We all know that prices of jewellery products change everyday based on prices of precious metals such as Gold and Diamond. Changing the price of each product is a big task that needs human resources and time. With our plugin you need to only update the prices of precious metals. The plugin will take care of updating the prices of the jewellery products.


For detailed instructions on how to configure the plugin, please visit the documentation.

Required Plugin

  • Woocommerce


  • This plugin works in simple product and variable product
  • Every metal has three input fields in product edit page for weight, making charge and wastage charge
  • Standard formula is used for product price calculation
  • Changing of metal price is recorded in a separate metal price log
  • Changing of product price is recorded in a separate product price log
  • Additional information on the variable product page will be changed when the variant is changed.

Pro Features

  • Unlimited metals can be added
  • While adding metals, respective product attributes are also created automatically
  • Discount Feature
  • Extra fields in product edit page
  • Multi currency support
  • Bulk Price Update
  • Detail Logs
  • Logs can be cleared to free up storage space.
  • Metal unit option
  • Automatic Price Updater
  • Bulk Discount Feature


  • Shortcode available for Price Breakup : [itsjp_price_breakup]
  • Show price breakup shortcode in popup : [itsjp_price_breakup show=”popup”]
  • Show today’s metals prices in default format: [itsjp_metal_rate]
  • Show today’s metals prices in table format: [itsjp_metal_rate template=”table” caption=”Market Price Today” metal_head=”Details” rate_head=”Rate/gm”]
  • Show today’s metals prices in marquee style: [itsjp_metal_rate template=”marquee” caption=”Market Price Today” metal_head=”Details” rate_head=”Rate/gm”]

Add on Feature

  • Price breakup details on simple and variable product page
  • Show price breakup below add to cart in default woocommerce product template

How to use this plugin?

  • Before installing this plugin you must install woocommerce plugin.
  • After activating the plugin, go to Settings >> Activate License. There is a link available to get the license key for this plugin. If you want to evaluate this plugin you can get a trial license key to test this plugin for a limited period.
  • Then go to the product and enter all the data required. You will see the extra added fields for metal weight, making charge and wastage charge.
  • After updating the product, go to ITS Jewellery Price settings page and click edit button and enter the current price of the metal and update it. Now, the plugin will take care of updating the prices of all products that are having this metal.


  • Settings Before Activation
  • After Activation
  • General Settings
  • Add Metal Group
  • Edit Metal Group
  • Add Metal
  • Edit Metal
  • Discount
  • ShortCodes
  • Single Metal Price Update
  • Bulk Metals Price Update
  • Job Status Log
  • Metal Price Log
  • Product Price Log
  • Price Breakup
  • Automatic Price Update Addon


=Installation Via WordPress Admin Area=
* Log into your WordPress admin area.
* Go to Dashboard » Plugin.
* Click on Add New Plugin button at top.
* Search for “ITS Jewellery Price”.
* Now click on the “Install Now” button of the “ITS Jewellery Price” plugin.
* Click on Activate once the plugin is installed.
* To activate the features of the plugin you need to get a license key from the plugin product page.

=Installation Using FTP=
* Download the ‘’ file.
* Extract Zip file.
* Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped plugin folder into the “/wp-content/plugins/” folder.
* Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


How many metals can be added?

Adding metals is a pro feature. So the pro plugin does not restrict in adding metals. Any number of metals can be added.

Do I need to create product attributes in woocommerce for metal names added through this plugin?

Not at all. This plugin will take care of it. Product attributes will be created automatically.

Does this plugin have a metal price log page?

Yes, This plugin has a metal price log page.

Does this plugin have a product price log page?

Yes, this plugin has a product price log page.

Can I change the product price formula?

No. You can not change the product price formula. For a custom price formula you can contact the developer.


10 novimber, 2022 3 antwurden
A great plugin for jewellery sites in the market. It becomes very Easy to manage large and small scale jewellery websites with this awesome plugin.
19 augustus, 2022 2 antwurden
Hi, I am using this plugin This is awesome and the team support is very Good. I wish this should grow more. And I am here to support the team to Grow more about this plugin. Hello team Many many thanks for this plugin. I am with you
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