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You might have a great website, shop or blog. so do your competitor. Get insight and competitive advantage by using a detailed analytics tool such as Hitsteps.

Hitsteps Analytics is a real time visitor web statistics, heatmap and live chat app with online visitors.

It allows you to view your web stats, visitors stream and follow each visitors to know more about each pages they see. It allow you to engage with your visitors using live chat tool. You’ll be provided with detailed charts and information about each visitor such as geo location (estimated city, country and region via IP address), their first visit on your site, referer to your site, their browser, OS and device and much more!

It is optimzied as blog stats, web stats, woocommerce stats and ecommerce analytics. Advantages over Google analytics includes but not limited to Detailed information of each and all visitors, ability to engage with visitors using live chat tool, heatmap for each pages, carefully pre-generated and categorized reports, real-time analytics on all reports, report on visitors from world known companies and much more…

Heatmap and Page Analysis

New generations of heatmap, Page Analysis: It allows you to visualize your website traffic to view exactly which item in your page, menu, sub menu, carousels or slideshows is attracting and getting how many clicks. View some screenshots in screenshot tab of this plugin.

Visitor information in Email, E-Commerce Ready

Not only for blogs and websites, Integration as WooCommerce Analytics allows you to receive your customers detail and pageview path within “New Order” emails in your ecommerce website. Contact form analytics feature of it also integrate analytics with Jetpack Contact form, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms plugins and allow you to know more of your visitors on their incoming emails. Shopify shops supported.

Cross-device visitor profile identification

Visitor aliasing enables you to detect if same (registered user) login back to your website again using another device (provided they give GDPR consent)

Hitsteps other notable following features:

  • Live chat: Chat with visitors feature and live support button
  • Bot detection: Non human visitors will be excluded from your analytics
  • Referral spam protection: Spammy referral links from known spammers will be filtered from stats
  • Realtime visitors list and pages they visited: full detailed history of previous pages they’ve seen
  • Audible New Visitor Notification: Hear what’s happening
  • Invisible tracking: No visible web stat tracker icon or text on your website while respecting GDPR law.
  • Web SEO Analytics: Report on keywords, search engines and your website SEO analytics KPI
  • Page Speed Meter: PageSpeed identify slow loading pages by testing your page speed using visitors internet.
  • Uptime Monitoring: receive voice call, SMS or email whenever your website, part of your website or server go down.
  • Try Hitsteps to prove: more features than Clicky, StatCounter, HiStats, Piwik, Woopra, MixPanel, GoSquared, ChartBeat, Wassup, Slimstat or even Google Analytics.

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Security Policy

Reporting Security Bugs

Please report security bugs found in the
Hitsteps’s source code through the
Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure
Program https://patchstack.com/. The Patchstack team will
assist you with verification, CVE assignment, and notify the
developers of this plugin.


  • Hitsteps dashboard, see everything at a glance.
  • Revolutionary Page Analysis. It shows exactly which item in each of your pages get how many clicks.
  • Woocommerce New Order Email (similiar integration for Contact form 7, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms), it show details of visitor who order from you or sent you an email including pages they visit before sending email.
  • Live chat with visitors
  • Uptime reporting
  • Page heatmaps
  • Browser and OS report
  • Visitor details
  • Map view


It is very easy to install.
Plugin will automatically create an account for you in Hitsteps and add tracking code to your site.

View features hitsteps offers:


You’ll find updated FAQs on Support page.


20 febrewaris, 2024
I’ve been using Hitsteps on my website, and it’s like having a magnifying glass for my visitors. I am only using free version of it. It shows me where people are coming from and what they’re looking at. The live chat feature lets me talk to my visitors directly, which is nice. It took me a bit to understand how to use everything, but their support team was very helpful.
17 febrewaris, 2021
This product does an incredible job of providing me with visitor analytic data, real-time, hourly, daily, and monthly statistics, referral code tracking for analytic data on every inbound link we have, which is critical to know which campaigns are performing best, page by page performance statistics, and so much more I can’t even quantify it all. When a visitor on our site, we can follow them with a heatmap and get inciteful data about where their mouse and eyes move throughout the page, helping us to learn how our content is organized. We can better test the mobile responsiveness of every page as we are given not only visitor IP addresses, but desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet, operating system, os version, browser, browser version, whether they are connected to a cat5 or wireless connection, powered or battery (and how much battery the user currently has), and so much more data so we can learn about who our visitors and customers are, when they visit, how long they visit, and a complete history of how they navigated from a landing page to other pages on our site, and how long they were on every page. The amount of information that we get from hitsteps, for general visitor information and also for specific referral marketing tracking information is indispensable to my company. As with any other good product, you begin with free version with understandable feature limitations, and move up from there. I have also received great support on the product without problematic language barriers and delays. Great support and my suggestions have been very well received also. This is a great company to work with. Final review: Outstanding value!
2 juny, 2019
From my point of view Hitsteps actually does it job very well on my business. Compare to other analytic systems, Hitsteps is really user friendly and provide me useful insight of my customers and users. I like the heatmap feature the most, keep up the good work, Hitsteps team!
1 juny, 2019
I have been using HS for quite a while and I`m very happy so far. The support always is there for you. I dislike everything Google and after long searching, HS came up. I love UI and it gives me all the information I need. I also like when they show real website speed from the user side. There are more goodies inside such triggers that I love too. <strong>To those who give 1-star review because HS service is not free.</strong> I tried a free version first, but couldn`t resist supporting the team behind. Before you give one star for something that is not free and takes your pride “cheapy man” expectation, then take Big Bro Google, which is free, but…watch out and take a closer look. READ IT.
3 septimber, 2016 2 antwurden
NOT FREE. price for a Basic Licence is 9,99USD… CRAZY
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  • Base Startup


  • Introducing hitsteps live chat plugin


  • Heatmap service added.


  • Fixed php notice errors when WP_DEBUG is enabled.
  • Fix for major bug: disabling/activating plugins


  • Added Port checking for SSL detection.
  • Fix for chat widget when all agents are offline
  • Live chat: More clear msg to notify agent is offline
  • Live chat: After sending a new message in ticket, focus on textbox is lost
  • Live chat: Closing a ticket, will notify webmaster as a new message


  • Major update to GUI and system backend
  • Introducing free license plan for lite bloggers


  • Introducing multi language widgets
  • Added Spanish Language to Dashboard Interface
  • Hitsteps plugin is more user-friendly. Plugin GUI has been redesigned from scratch.


  • Updated API Key installation guide.
  • Added new shortcut button to open hitsteps dashboard in WordPress Admin header.


  • Quick Registration for new users.
  • Quick API Key retrieval for current users.


  • We have integrated hitsteps analytics with Gravity forms: receive your visitors full details when they contact you!
  • We have integrated hitsteps analytics with Contact form 7: receive your visitors full details when they contact you!
  • We have integrated hitsteps analytics with Ninja Forms: receive your visitors full details when they contact you!
  • Fixed an compatibility issue with WP Super Cache plugin.


  • Integration with WooCommerce as Analytics allows you to receive your customers detail and pageview path within “New Order” emails
  • Contact form 7 update compatibility and bug fix for form generator button. Updated form editor to be compatible with Contact form 7 v4.2


  • Major fix to contact form and woocomerce analytics compatibility
  • Major fix to contact form analytics on iOS devices for all plugins (woocommerce, contact form 7, gravityform and ninjaform)


  • Added Contact form analytics for Jetpack by Automattic
  • WordPress 4.3 compatibility
  • Added SSL support for servers behind a load balancer using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO


  • Fixed an issue regarding BAD_REQUEST caused by CloudFlare for auto-register and email analytic API calls


  • Introducing “Visitor Aliasing” feature. It can detect your logged in members and create one united profile for all of their logins and devices.


  • Added a feature where you can set your sub-users as full admins
  • Added fail-over IP addresses for email analytics


  • Changed latest page views widget header color to black
  • Added drag/drop support for dashboard widgets in hitsteps.com
  • Added new Daily Pageviews graph next to each post and page
  • Last 48 hours pageviews has replaced hitsteps logo on header admin bar.


  • “Typing…” Indactor has been added to live chat for client side: You can see what your client is typing while they are typing it in admin side.
  • Option to modify floating chat position
  • Page Analysis feature has been added.


  • Cookie block feature has been added to topbar graph to make it work even more accurately.
  • Compatibility update for WordPress v4.5


  • Contact form 7 integration compatibility update.


  • Introducing “Compact floating chat” widget.
  • Removed deprecated options from setting


  • Add WooCommerce Email Order tracking for payments that been paid after a “pending payment” status.
  • Force enable HTTPS for all tracking codes


  • Updated support for Gravityforms Analytics. Now support notification fields.
  • Enhaned admin non-tracking to enforce admin not to be tracked
  • Added translation for german, french, spanish, persian, russian and turkish.
  • Removed onlinefloat.php chat widget from plugin and moved it to on-site script
  • Woocommerce checkout Notice message fix where it would show a PHP Notice message for undefined variable.


  • Add additional servers to API call for email data providers in order to reduce chance of error #98.
  • PHP 7.2 compatible


  • Fix some WP_DEBUG notices
  • Replace deprecated codes from Contact Form 7 integration with new codes
  • Replace deprecated codes from WordPress 4.5+ with new codes
  • Remove curl for login/registration and use wordpress post function instead
  • Fix CSS styling issue in setting page
  • Fix a major bug that did not allow new users to register directly from wordpress plugin


  • WordPress v5.0.3 compatibility update
  • Bug fix for cookie iteration hitsteps_gc
  • Allow focus between name and email
  • Gravity form bug fix when showing multiple forms in one page.
  • Fixed a bug with multi server API backend


  • Provide support for auto-purging following cache plugins after tracking code installation: W3 Total Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP-Optimize, Autoptimize, Hummingbird, WP Super Cache, SG Optimizer, Cache Enabler, SG Optimizer, Breeze, Cloudflare Page Cache and Comet Cache.
  • Fix an issue with auto cache clearance


  • Support for PHP8
  • Hitsteps WordPress plugin now speaks Italian
  • Fixed Notice error when debug mode is on, for woocommerce websites.


  • Better compatibility with Safari browser
  • WordPress 6 compatibility update
  • Update Endpoint for contact form user detection


  • Validate API code


  • Update for PHP8.2


  • Enroll into Patchstack VDP https://patchstack.com/database/vdp/hitsteps-visitor-manager


  • Confirm enrollment into Patchstack
  • Fix CVE-2023-45268
  • Fix CVE-2023-45057


  • Update the endpoints