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Hero for Gravity Forms


Hero is an add-on to Gravity Forms which provides essential features and adds extra functionality.


  • Date Filters. You can use date filters to enable or disable calendar dates such as past dates, weekends, holidays, or any other specific dates.
  • Time Zones. When using a date picker, you need to be aware of time zones if you expect global visitors. Hero adds time zone support to date fields.
  • Date Picker Animations. Hero gives you control over which animation to play when opening a date picker.
  • Date Picker Highlights. You can use Hero to highlight today’s date on the calendar.
  • Read Only Date Inputs. With Hero, you can disallow manual edits of date inputs and only allow date inputs to be filled by a date picker.
  • Unique IDs. When you need to create coupon codes, reference numbers, or anything that needs to be random as well as unique, you can use unique IDs.
  • Random IDs. When you just need to generate random characters, you can use random IDs.


  • Custom date filters.
  • Standard date filters.
  • Date highlights and read only input.
  • Time zones.
  • Unique IDs.


Since Hero is an add-on to Gravity Forms, you need to have Gravity Forms installed and active in order to use Hero.

Hero comes in three variants:

  1. Hero Essential, the plugin variant that includes essential functionality and can be downloaded for free.

  2. Hero Standard, which includes extra features not part of the Essential variant. You can download this variant after obtaining a license from https://toroguapo.com/gf-hero/

  3. Hero Advanced, which adds more advanced functionality on top of what the Standard variant offers. See https://toroguapo.com/gf-hero/ for more details on this variant as well.


27 april, 2023
We had a small issue using the free plugin. After submitting the ticket team did in-depth analysis, found problems and came up with solution—all that in just one day. Fantastic customer support. Definitely, I am recommending the plugin! Thanks.
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