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10 augustus, 2021
*Plugin Hey admin, Never miss an important update – opt in to our security & feature updates notifications, and non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with If you skip this, that’s okay! WP Events Lite will still work just fine. ———– but skip is not possible, it doesn´t work! ———- and the non-sensitive datas … look at the Website … ———- * What exactly is tracked? • Events Plus Lite state (active, inactive, uninstalled) • Events Plus Lite version • Site URL • <strong>Your user’s first & last name</strong> • <strong>Your user’s email address & IP</strong> • WordPress locale (country + language) • WordPress version • PHP version • MySql version • List of installed plugins (optional) • List of installed themes (optional) ———- This is sure NOT non-sensitive !
12 maart, 2019
We purchased this plugin and the functionality seemed great. However the excitement was short lived as the plugin does not support one of the largest international payment gateways – Sage Pay. Sage Pay is part of the Sage Group PLC, one of the leaders in payments processing, accounting -and payroll processing globally. They offer various other free plugins for most of the large and reputable Wordpress (and other CMS) shopping carts and as such EventsPlus would have made a nice add on for South African users. The developers were asked to include Sage Pay as it would be beneficial for other users of WP EventsPlus but the quotation received is almost 10 (ten) times what the website cost the customer and not viable.
10 septimber, 2018
“Please help us improve WP Events Lite! If you opt-in, some data about your usage of WP Events Lite will be sent to If you skip this, that’s okay! WP Events Lite will still work just fine.” The “skip” option does not work. 🙁
7 july, 2018
Entire process of adding an event is a little cumbersome – many different screens to go through to add info to just one event. Then they all have to be connected. I never did figure out how to get a list of all events on one page. Lots of error messages too.
17 april, 2018
I just tried the plugin, after seeing the Pro version on codecanyon, and I have to agree with @nretter. The docs are sparse and there’s zero info there for programmers. I couldn’t even activate the plugin until I fixed 3 bugs in the init code. Once it was up, I had to choose whether to allow the plugin to spy on me using freemius. Clicking the Skip button, did nothing. So I clicked the I Agree button, which worked naturally, so I could at least see the plugin’s interface. The parts that weren’t broken looked nice. I tried to add an event, but was met with so many PHP errors, warnings, and WordPress deprecation notices that the page was unusable. Same for the settings page. I saw very little by way of customizing the output HTML, a lot of it was hard-coded with no filters or overridable templates. Searches for hooks revealed very few that weren’t just intended for internal use. Most of the code seemed well written otherwise, with some really old crufty bits in places, and some SQL code that really needs to be updated to using ->prepare(). It could also use a reduction in the number of front-end dependencies it’s loading, I counted 16 between the CSS/JS files. Also, the first review is by the plugin author…
12 maart, 2018
Answer to questions and/or bug reports from people trying to evaluate the thing is: “Buy the pro version and then ask the question (or report the bug)”. And there’s a lot to ask questions about since no user-guide sort of documentation is available. Docs are just a set of minimalist notes about specific fields in the plugin’s configuration forms. My experience in just this first morning of trying the plugin has included five bugs of varying severity, and that’s before even reaching the point of an event showing up on my site. If you persist in using this plugin, good luck getting that to happen. Totally disappointing.
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