Dizze plugin is net hifke mei de lêste 3 grutte releases fan WordPress . It kin net langer wurde ûnderhâlden of stipe en kin kompatibiliteitsproblemen hawwe as it wurdt brûkt mei resinte ferzjes fan WordPress.

Easy Related Posts


Easy Related Posts is a WordPress plugin that displays posts related to the one a user is currently reading.
Easy Related Posts can display related posts in main content area or in sidebars through a widget.
Equipped with 3 eye catching fully responsive themes, supports basic modifications on them from admin panel. It also has a theme system that let you modify or write your own themes to match you personal needs.
Through an intuitive algorithm it creates “relations” between posts and rates them based on posts categories and/or tags in a way so these ratings are as much as accurate they can be.
Last but not least in any way, Easy Related Posts uses the best coding standards and practices with mind in security.

If you like this plugin please support the developers. You can do so using the links inside plugin settings page or by purchasing the PRO version.

PRO version can be purchased from here.
To see a full list of features and compare them to the PRO version please visit this page.

Easy Related Posts wont spam your visitors with content from other sites, ads or in any other way.

See the demo

This plugin requires PHP version 5.3 and above.


  • Easy to setup
  • Choose displayed content: excerpt length, thumbnail resizing and many more.
  • Choose if related posts should be fetched by categories or by tags
  • Exclude posts that have certain categories and/or tags from related posts
  • Prevent related posts from spawning in certain categories or tags
  • Display related posts as an eye-catching pop up block
  • Display related posts through a widget or/and in main content area
  • Options optimized before activation for most of the cases
  • Really fast, not a single database entry (I really love clean DB’s)
  • Responsive design

Please report any bugs or features you’d like to see in feature releases here


  • General options
  • Layout options
  • Widget options
  • Grid theme
  • Widget in sidebar


  1. Search for “Easy Related Posts” through add new plugin menu or upload easy-related-posts.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and uncompress it
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Done!
    More information here


Is there a charge for using this plugin

Not at all! But you are free to send any donations to my PayPal account yotisvag at gmail.com


3 septimber, 2016
Everything works fine. Perfect. A new config possibility would be fine. I would like to show it only in the sidebar area as a widget and not in the content. Please add a config to turn off it in the contant area. Thx!
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  • For now on if no featured image is set searches post content to pick the first.
  • Fixed bug 0000014. No conflicts with Jetpack Photon plugin anymore.
  • Fixed bug 0000022
  • Fixed bug 0000023
  • Support for PHP version < 5.3 dropped. This was affecting bugs 15,16 and 18



  • New related posts algorithm, fast and accurate
  • Theme support
  • Redesigned admin panel, Easy is my first name
  • New thumbnailer, this should resolve some issues
  • Text mods in main plugin


  • New thumbnailer. Faster, safer.
  • Post excerpt is now properly showing
  • Fixed no tags related bugs


  • You can now exclude post types from ERP.
  • Added minified js and CSS files for faster loading

  • Fixed a bug described here.


  • Added option to exclude categories or tags from displaying related posts.


  • Added ability to choose how the posts should be fetched (categories or tags) in widget options


  • Added ability to choose how the posts should be fetched (categories or tags) for main content area
  • Added options for the pop up block
  • Added help for settings page


  • Urgent fix of a bug breaking down widget page
  • Pop up block now also appears when bottom of page is reached.


  • New display option, pop up block.
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Cleaned up some code


Initial release