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HIPAA FORMS – Add HIPAA Compliant Webforms to Your WordPress Website

HIPAA FORMS – Add HIPAA Compliant Webforms to Your WordPress Website


The HIPAA FORMS plugin allows you to create web forms using Caldera Forms or Gravity Forms just like you would a simple contact form. A simple checkbox next to the form within the plugin admin interface instantly takes over your form, appends the form with a HIPAA Compliant badge and signature field where users can sign by dragging their mouse or with their finger on touch screens, and upon submit encrypts the data and pushes it to the HIPAA FORMS Service API which then stores it within a HIPAA Compliant storage solution.

Users with login credentials and the appropriate user roles (administrator or hipaa) can then log into your WordPress administrator dashboard and search/view the submitted forms and even generate an encrypted and password protected PDF file of the form which can then be printed or saved to a hard drive.

Here’s how the HIPAA FORMS Service and integrated WordPress plugin secures the protected health information of your forms:
1. On submit the entire form is encrypted requiring 2 separate keys to decrypt.
2. Once the form data is encrypted it sends the encrypted data to the HIPAA FORMS Service API where it remains encrypted on a HIPAA Compliant storage solution.
3. When someone with login credentials logs into your WordPress administrator dashboard with either and administrator or hipaa user role that user can then go to the HIPAA FORMS plugin interface and view the forms that have been submitted. While you can view the decrypted forms here the data never actually leaves the HIPAA FORMS Service servers, you’re simply pulling them from the api, decrypting and viewing in your browser, the data never actually touches your hosting server.
4. The only way the data can leave the HIPAA FORMS Service servers is if you click the “generate pdf” button and create an encrypted password protected pdf file. At this point you can print or save the pdf to your hard drive but since the pdf remains encrypted and password protected the form data remains safe in transit.
5. Once you close the pdf generation window the pdf file is then destroyed on the HIPAA FORMS Service server removing any chance of a bad actor gaining access to the file.
6. Each time a user accesses the HIPAA FORMS plugin admin interface a log entry is created and stored on the HIPAA FORMS Service which you can review at any time from the HIPAA FORMS plugin interface. This is required by HIPAA Regulations to ensure any potential data breach can be back-traced.
7. Since the form data is encrypted and remains on the HIPAA FORMS Service database we ensure that protected data can not be tampered with and changed by anyone.
8. Both a SSL certificate and a BAA agreement between the user and Code Monkeys LLC (the company that developed and maintains the HIPAA FORMS Service and WordPress plugin) is required. The ability to submit or view forms is disabled until both of these requirements have been met.

NEW IN V1.5.5:
Version 1.5.5 is our first “major” update to the plugin since releasing it. This update includes an improved user interface and the following specific form settings:
1. Option to show/hide the signature field
2. Option to specify a success message or a redirect url after a form is submitted
3. Option to set who can see the submitted forms with the following options:
A. All users with admin/hipaa user role
B. Only specific users
C. Only a specific doctor/user selected within a form (ie. Patient selects a specific doctor in a form, only that doctor will see the submitted form). NOTE: Admins see all forms regardless of settings.

While we believe we’ve made the entire process as simple as possible we also understand that there may be questions or issues sometimes that the user needs addressed. Given the urgency and importance of a service such as this we’ve built a complete support ticket system directly into the HIPAA FORMS WordPress plugin interface to allow the users to submit and track support tickets without ever needing to leave their own administrator dashboard. The HIPAA FORMS Service team at Code Monkeys LLC strives to respond to tickets within 1 business day. Users can also call Code Monkeys LLC directly for support between 9am and 5pm CST.

NOTE: A subscription-based license key to access the HIPAA FORMS Service API is required from https://www.hipaaforms.online in order to submit and view forms (a free version is available, no credit card required). Your website must also have SSL enabled (url should show https://).

Web Designer Friendly

We know that the owners or board members of dental clinics, health clinics, hospitals and insurance agencies aren’t the ones that will be implementing this service. It’s YOU, the web designers and developers that have the task of finding a solution and making it work.

Our initial primary goal was to build a solution for our own website builds so we’ve done everything we can to make the installation, setup and implementation of this service as seamless and efficient as possible. If you can build a contact form with Caldera Forms you can build HIPAA Compliant web forms with our service, in fact once you have the plugin setup and build the form all you really need to do is check a box and your form is instantly compliant.

We also want to ensure that YOU have the knowledge and ability to protect both yourself and your client. While we require your client to sign a BAA agreement with us we don’t require that the web designer/developer have a BAA in place but we STRONGLY recommend it. A BAA agreement protects your client, not you or us but it is actually REQUIRED according to HIPAA Regulations and without the BAA in place your client is not in compliance and may be violating both federal and state privacy laws. While YOU may not have a legal obligation to have a BAA in place with your client, as your client’s technical expert on all thing relating to their website have a moral obligation to make your client aware that a BAA agreement should be in place between you and them.

If you’re not an agency or freelance but work on the website directly for a company you should still ensure that your company has a BAA agreement in place for all employees and any 3rd party IT professionals that may have access to protected health information. Fines for violating HIPAA Regulations can be in the six figures and your company could be out of business leaving you looking for a new job if your company is not compliant.

Regardless of if you’re an agency, freelancer or work directly for a company that takes protected private health information, if you have any questions or need help with anything relating to compliance or how to put a BAA agreement in place between yourself and your client please don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket or give us a call.

Planned For Next Major Release

  1. Finish form-specific history interface

Currently In Development Premium Add-Ons

  1. Secure file upload
  2. Secure save for later ability
  3. Appointment manager
  4. Improved Notes Interface/Functionality
  5. Patient Communication Portal (Virtual Visit/HouseCall)
    A) Real-Time 2-Way Messaging
    B) Patient Access to Submitted Forms
    C) Video E-Visit


  • This is the interface showing the submitted forms.
  • This is an example form showing the appended HIPAA Compliant badge, privacy statement agreement and signature field.


  1. Upload your plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

First you must get an API license key for the HIPAA FORMS Service which does offer a free subscription option. This service is what handles the storage and PDF generation of the forms and forms CAN NOT be submitted without a subscription. Once you subscribe to the service a license key will be generated and emailed to you. Visit HIPAA FORMS Service to purchase a subscription.

Next make sure you have Caldera Forms or Gravity Forms installed and active. Caldera is a free form builder plugin that can easily be installed from the “plugins->add” interface and searching for Caldera Forms. Gravity Forms is a premium paid form builder plugin that can be purchased HERE No additional extensions are needed.

Now that you have your license key and Caldera or Gravity Forms installed and activated, go to the “Settings” tab and add your license key, select your preferred compatible form builder plugin (ie. Caldera or Gravity), enter the email address you wish to receive form submission notices to and set your preferred time zone. If you plan on using the custom HIPAA FORMS user role you can also set what permissions that role should have here.

Once the plugin settings are save you need to create a form. You must have 4 required fields in the form which are needed in order to filter/search the submitted forms. These fields are:

First Name: Must have a text input
Caldera: Must have the slug “first_name”
Gravity: Must have the class “hipaa_forms_first_name”

Last Name: Must have a text input
Caldera: Must have the slug “last_name”
Gravity: Must have the class “hipaa_forms_last_name”

Phone: Must have a text or phone input
Caldera: Must have the slug “phone”
Gravity: Must have the class “hipaa_forms_phone”

Email: Must have a text or email input
Caldera: Must have the slug “email”
Gravity: Must have the class “hipaa_forms_email”

These standardized fields are required in order to search or filter the forms by these options.

If a form has all of the required fields then you will have the option to select it by checking the box at the left of the form. If the form does NOT have all of the required fields a warning icon will show next to the form. Clicking on the warning/toggle icon will display what fields are missing.

Once you have checked the box next to a form it should be HIPAA Compliant. To verify the form is now compliant go to where the form is rendered on the page and you should now see an additional section at the bottom of the form right above the submit button showing a checkbox to agree to the HIPAA privacy agreement, a badge showing the form is encrypted and HIPAA compliant and the signature field which a user can sign by left clicking and dragging their mouse or by simply using their finger or stylus if on a touch screen. You should also see a padlock on the submit button indicating that the form submit function is secure. If you do NOT see these something is not correct and the form will NOT be HIPAA compliant and you should submit a support ticket so our support staff can troubleshoot the issue before attempting to use the form. It is your responsibility to ensure forms are in a compliant state before allowing patients to submit private protected health information and failure to do so could result in fines.

When someone submits the HIPAA Compliant form the default form submit button is replaced with a custom button (indicated by the padlock icon) and instead the form will be encrypted and an API call is made to the HIPAA FORMS API and saved into a HIPAA Compliant database storage solution. The only fields that are not encrypted are the required first name, last name, phone # and email in order to allow searching/filtering the forms in the “Submitted Forms” tab. The form itself (and all fields within it) are encrypted at the time of submission in order to protect the data in transit as well as at rest within the HIPAA FORMS Service data solution. If you tried to look at the form at this point you would just see a long string of nonsense letters, numbers and characters and would not be able to see any of the actual form data.

The only way the form data can be viewed at this point is by logging into the WordPress admin panel with valid username and password credentials for an account with the appropriate user role associated to it (administrator or hipaaforms) and opening the “Submitted Forms” tab within the HIPAA FORMS interface. Here another API request is sent to the HIPAA FORMS API and the submitted forms data is pulled. Once the data is returned from the API the associated encryption keys are then used to decrypt the form data and then display that data on the screen. While you can view this data within this tab the actual data is never stored anywhere on your server, it simply pulls it from the HIPAA FORMS Service data solution and displays it. The only way for this data to actually ever leave our secure system is to generate an encrypted PDF file with password protection.

To generate a PDF version of the form click the “Generate PDF” button next to the form. This will bring up a modal window (popup) asking you to set a password. Once a password is provided click generate. The modal window should update with a link to open the newly created PDF, once you enter the password the form will load and you will be able to view the form, print it or save it to your computer. If you do not keep track of the password you will NOT be able to view the PDF file.

The PDF file must be encrypted and password protected to ensure that the form can never be intercepted and read as it’s transferred between the data base and you. This should also help keep you more compliant internally as the file can not be read without the correct password once it’s saved to your computer. While ensuring that the PDF files are encrypted and password protected should keep the data safe and compliant we HIGHLY recommend that any computer you download the PDFs to have encrypted hard drives to be safe and ensure compliance. Once you print or download the PDF to your computer Code Monkeys LLC and all associates covered within the BAA agreement bear no liability for the handling of the data.

We strongly recommend that you keep up with HIPAA regulation changes and that you work with a qualified attorney and/or HIPAA Compliance professional to ensure compliance.



Currently the HIPAA Forms plugins is only integrated with Caldera & Gravity Forms. Caldera Forms is a free form builder plugin and can be installed by searching for it in the WordPress plugin repository (plugins->add new). Gravity Forms is a premium paid form builder plugin that can be purchased HERE No additional extensions are needed.

The HIPAA FORMS plugin checks to ensure SSL (https) is enabled and being used. Any forms set as HIPAA Compliant will be deactivated if the url does not start with https://. If you’re unable to setup SSL with your current host or if your current host’s cost is too expensive consider a managed hosting (and optional WordPress maintenance package) from Code Monkeys. We automatically issue free SSL certificates to all of our hosting customers. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

You can purchase a license key from hipaaforms.online as a free, monthly, quarterly or annual subscription basis. While this plugin is free to install and use, the HIPAA FORMS plugin is integrated with an API service and you must have an active account with a valid license key to use this service. A free API subcription is available but limits you to 1 form and up to 25 form submissions per month while the paid subscription is $55/mo and allows unlimited forms and form submissions. If your paid subscription expires you will automatically be dropped down to the basic plan and limited to 25 form submissions per month.

A subscription account & license key is required as a BAA agreement is required and the encrypted E-PHI data is stored on the HIPAA Forms API database in order to meet HIPAA/PIPEDA regulations and there must be a way to validate who you are and that all of the requirements are in place to do so.

Forms can only be submitted and viewed from the domain you added to your HIPAA FORMS Service subscription account at the time of checkout. When a request is made to the HIPAA FORMS Service API it does a check against your license key, domain and if a BAA agreement has been signed. If any of those things are not valid the API request is denied and an error will be returned specifying what the issue is. Only one license key and domain is allowed per subscription meaning you can NOT use the same license or domain on more than one website. This is done as an additional security measure to ensure that even if a license key is stolen form data would not be accessible. If you need to change the domain associated with your license key you can do so by logging in at https://www.hipaaforms.online/my-account

A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) typically is required for companies that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that protected health information (PHI) is appropriately safeguarded. Failure to manage data privacy risks with non-business associate vendors may lead to both violations of HIPAA and state privacy laws. The BAA agreement is in place for your protection and forms can not be submitted or viewed until it is in place. We also recommend that you have a BAA in place with your web designer if they work on the site as a 3rd party contractor.


Default WordPress emails get sent through your host’s domain which often times will be flagged as spam. We highly recommend installing an email SMTP plugin for WordPress and using the SMTP settings for a legit email address. This will allow WordPress to send emails from the SMTP server instead of from your host.

If you do NOT see the additional section at the bottom of the form with the HIPAA compliant badge then there is an issue somewhere and the form will NOT be disabled as it will not be HIPAA compliant. A common reason this might happen is if you do NOT have SSL (https://) enabled or if the user is viewing the http:// version of the page. We strongly recommend that you setup a redirect in your .htaccess file or by using a plugin to ensure all pages are served the https:// version of the page. If this is the case the form will be disabled and you should see a warning notice at the bottom of the form instead of the badge.

Another common reason you might not see this section is if your license key has expired. If this is the case you should see a warning notice at the bottom of the form and the form will be disabled. Reactivating your license key will solve the issue and your form will be enabled again.

A less common reason for this would be if another plugin is causing a Javascript/jQuery error or conflict.

Wordpress uses a nonce (number used once) to help secure your site during things like form submissions and AJAX calls, although its not really a “number used once” in the traditional sense. Instead this is a hash token that can be used multiple times within a 12 or 24 hour period at which point the nonce will expire. What happens is if your cache expiration is set beyond 12 hours the nonce will also be cached resulting in a validation error as that nonce will have expired.

This is not just a specific issue to our plugin, if your cache expiration is set too long it can cause issues with many other plugins as well.

To solve this issue make sure you have any caching plugins such as W3TC or Super Cache set to expire before 12 hours.

If the problem persists with caching plugins completely deactivated then its most likely an issue with a server-side cache on your hosting server. You will need to contact your hosting company and request the caching be reduced to under 12 hours. If you are on an ultra-cheap shared hosting solution from someone like HostGator you will most likely need to move to another host as they will not adjust their caching to play well with WordPress nonces and honestly if you rely on your website for you business which we would assume you do if you are using this plugin then you really should spend a little extra for a good reliable host, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to hosting solutions.

Very long forms may exceed the max_input_vars setting in your hosting server’s PHP.ini. This will cause the form to submit however the actual form will most likely be empty and not actually sent through the API since it’s larger than your limit.

To solve this increase you max_input_vars in your PHP.ini. If you are on a shared hosing account and do not have access to the PHP.ini settings or are unsure on how to change them there are 3rd party plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository that will allow you to change your settings from the WordPress admin panel.


A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) typically is required for companies that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that protected health information (PHI) is appropriately safeguarded. Failure to manage data privacy risks with non-business associate vendors may lead to both violations of HIPAA and state privacy laws. You will be unable to use the HIPAA FORMS Service until you have signed the BAA with Code Monkeys LLC (the developers of the service) and will receive a notice to do so within the “submitted forms” tab as well as in the settings tab until it has been signed. We HIGHLY recommend that you have a BAA in place with your web designer as well if you use a 3rd party contractor for web design service.

Yes, in most cases we will sign your BAA in place of our default agreement.

You can email your signed BAA to us at spencer at codemonkeysllc.com. We will review it and assuming everything looks good we will sign it and replace the BAA on file for your account.


This plugin is released under the GPL license and is open source allowing you to modify the plugin however we strongly recommend against attempting to modify the core functionality of the plugin. The plugin simply acts as an interface to the API service where most of the “under the hood” functionality lives however some functionality such as encryption prior to sending the form data to the API happens within the plugin. Breaking or disabling this encryption process could result in non-encrypted private protected sensitive health information being submitted which would be a HIPAA violation and may lead to both violations of HIPAA and state privacy laws.

While we recommend not modifying the core functionality of the plugin changing the CSS/Styles is totally fine and recommended.

We offer a secure HIPAA compliant file upload add-on option with unlimited uploads and unlimited storage to our service for an additional $30/mo or $300/yr. This option is not available with our basic free subscription.

With our file upload option enabled the basic file upload fields within Caldera or Gravity Forms are over-ridden by our plugin and the files are submitted directly from the browser to our secure encrypted file storage system when the form is submitted.

If files have been uploaded and attached to a submitted form you’ll be able to view those files from within the submitted form interface of the HIPAA Forms dashboard.

Secure generic pre-signed access URLs are generated when you load the submitted form that expire after 1 hour for greater security.

The answer to this question depends on HOW you handle a staging version of the website.

You are only able to submit and view forms from within the domain associated with your license key. If your staging version in under a subdomain of that domain you will be fine, the root domain is all that matters. However if your staging version is under a different domain you will only be able to use the service from staging OR live, not both at the same time.

If you are “pre-launch” we would recommend setting the domain on your HIPAA FORMS Service account to your staging server domain first. Then once you are ready to go live simply switch the domain to the live domain.

We understand that this can be frustrating to developers that do not have a staging version under the same root domain as we’re developers ourselves. We are exploring possible solutions to this for future releases to help with this issue.


10 juny, 2024
I experienced a small bug and contacted the devs. They called me and worked with me on a fix, and they had a new version posted for installation within a week. Awesome support! Thank you.
7 septimber, 2023
Plugin setup is quick and easy, and it works great. The support is outstanding! We’ve run into a few issues with our server configuration, user errors, etc. and every time support has quickly helped us resolve the issues. Highly recommended!
27 desimber, 2021
Thanks for sharing this plugin. We have created HIPAA Compliant IT service website….
21 maaie, 2020
One of my best clients came back to me saying that their IT company had determined that my form handling was NOT HIPAA compliant even though it was secure. I searched for and then found the solution with this plugin. They seem to have thought of everything and their support is top notch though I had better luck calling directly than submitting tickets. Thanks for this excellent plugin that helps me keep my medical clients compliant.
5 febrewaris, 2019 1 reakce
I am not aware of another plugin that provides HIPAA compliance for forms, but undoubtedly this one would still be the best even if there were alternatives. It receives regular updates and new features, and the service is very affordable. Really, the best part is the fantastic customer service! Spencer is quick to respond to emails, and understands the most important thing is making sure your inbound messages get through. I’ve had a couple of feature requests that, sure enough, make it into the next release. Great job team!
11 jannewaris, 2019
I just found this after days of searching for HIPAA options for small practice clients. I think I’ve found the solution and cannot thank you enough 🙂
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“HIPAA FORMS – Add HIPAA Compliant Webforms to Your WordPress Website” is iepen boarne software. De folgjende minsken hawwe bydroegen oan dizze plugin.



– Added check to ensure custom status object has value before stripping slashes
– Ensured next/previous buttons in Gravity multi-page forms do not try to fire custom HIPAA events if not enabled as a HIPAA-compliant form

– Added option to bulk export to select export options including notes & history
– The next release will include “notes only” & “history only”
– The next release will include this new export format in the “per-form” export as well

– Added check to ensure enabled forms are a countable array prior to checking count on it in class file to prevent potential php error

– Tested against newer WP version

– Added slashes to API to make admin form filter work
– Added numbers to console errors
– Wrapped JSON parse in try catch
– Truncated location, first and last name

– Added fix to rebuild missing export data during export

– Fixed empty export

– XSS fix
– Made assign user box bigger

– fixed list-container column layout for PDFs

– Added label to privacy checkbox
– Added role and tab index to submit button
– Removed form action
– Updated email Regex
– Added keyup trigger to submit forms
– Added screen reader css
– Updated submit button re-activation
– Updated max input vars error handling

– Updated WP version tested

– Added custom status filter

– Broken file upload update

– Fixed broken file upload

– Added security to class functions
– Reworked nonce

– Reworked localization of ajax_url
– Added Fix to form submit for WP API
– Added Fix to admin area for WP API

– Fixed issue with AJAX function to continue legacy support for old PHP 5.6

– Updated jSignature for Windows 10 touch

– Fixed email validation on blank email field and added into next button

– Reverted AJAX functions to continue legacy support for old PHP 5.6 as WordPress is still supporting this version
(NULL COALESCING OPERATORS are not supported in PHP 5.6)
– Replaced data output on form submission if AJAX call fails with message saying AJAX failed to prevent reload loop in obscure edge cases

– Moved curl_url to a const
– Removed experimental leftover code
– Added Email pattern validation on form submit
– Updated AJAX functions with NULL COALESCING OPERATORS to shorten code

– Fixed date field issues
– added class “hippa_forms_header” for print and pdf page headers

– removed emails from cm-hipaa-script-js-extra (caldera)
– Added fallback check to ensure http/https stripped from domain before sending to api.

– Added JSON error handling
– Removed emails from cm-hipaa-js-extra
– Removed slashes from office locations

– Fixed date and time fields with no value

– Added support for legacy date fields
– Hide gform_footer
– Added form submitted name and form name to print header (web view only)

– Wrapped admin enqueue styles in if statement
– Fixed hidden lists getting caught by validation
– Fixed scroll top javascript error
– code clean up

– Added indices on multifile uploads

– Fixed label text length breaking file upload
– Added ability to change the text on the submit button
– Removed tags from AWS file upload
– Fixed Time field layout and minor bug fix
– Website field now shows as clickable url link in webview
– Fixed consent field layout issues
– Fixed issues with List and MultiSelect when required
– Fixed exported forms fileuploads not showing

– Matched Gravity 2.5+ max file upload size naming convention

– Fixed Gravity 2.5+ required not being recognized on file upload
– Fixed layout issues for Gravity advanced list in web view, print and PDF

– Fixed Gravity 2.5+ required being applied to nonrequired fields on multipage next
– Fixed Gravity 2.5+ validation not scrolling to empty field or highlighting on next page click

– Added integration with Gravity form builder file extensions settings for file upload fields
– Added some minor fixes to Caldera file upload (Caldera support will soon be deprecated)
– Added extra protection from potential bot submissions

– Fixed older Gravity forms print layout issue

– Fixed Caldera Print Layout
– Added option to disable email notifications per form

– Removed font size in print css for h1/h2

– Fixed Caldera validation undefined obj issue
– Appending to gform_wrapper & gravity-theme classes to gform-body element of submitted forms built on gravity 2.5+ as new gravity layout css relies on them
– Added Gravity 2.5+ grid layout support for print view and encrypted PDF’s. Note that encrypted PDF’s are unable to use actual css grid and relies on floats to replicate so it may not be 100%

V2.6.6 5/19/2021
– Fixed bug on getting the 4 required hipaa fields (name/phone/email/location) on 2.5+ due to not finding class on element as 2.5+ no longer uses li and some advanced fields don’t use a fieldset element
– Changed sanitize_email to a different method when searching forms by email (was no longer working)

V2.6.5 5/13/2021

V2.6.4 5/13/2021
Fixed Gravity Forms advanced field required issue

V2.6.3 5/10/2021
– Legacy Gravity advanced address fields weren’t getting replaced due to having hidden class
– Added fix to multi-page gravity forms to ignore 2nd address line, name prefix & name suffix when hitting next if required

V2.6.2 5/06/2021
– Added support for new Gravity Forms 2.5+ markup

V2.6.1 4/15/2021
– Added fix for undefined variable for hide form options
– Removed experimental from bulk export button
– Empty fields are now stored in the raw field values to add consistency to export structures
– Fixed empty advanced fields adding the html into the raw export data.

Added old IE fix for Gravity Forms. Don’t expect any more IE fixes

Rerun release

– Removed unneeded variables leftover from last version

– Removed hidden page progression input value from submitted Gravity forms that suddenly started appearing
– Added stripslashes to location values on submitted forms list view
– Fixed dashboard grid row/column classes for pagination buttons
– Passing plugin version to API
– Moved getting files from get form list method to the get form method to prevent needless overhead on api call
– Changed how some data is passed to API
– Improved sanitization on form submission
– Added more info and examples to settings tab -> custom CSS settings sub-tab for styling submitted forms
– Added fix to export to strip line breaks from fields which were breaking the csv format

– Changed how custom select filter in Gravity advanced list fields get values

– Added better file name sanitizing to ensure commas in name do not break file url
– Added support for custom select filter on Gravity advanced list field

Added fix to deactivate Caldera submit button while submitting (prevent multiple clicks on submit)

Updated all jQuery AJAX calls to use type: post in addition to method: post to ensure calls are using post and not get even though jQuery docs say to use method.

Fixed jQuery issue getting privacy copy value

1. Tested plugin jQuery with “Test jQuery Updates” plugin with no issues under any configuration
2. Fixed gravity multiselect field bug

Added export support for Gravity advanced list fields

1. Addon variable wasn’t defined prior to setting and added check to ensure addon value was string and not null
2. Now passing user’s timezone to the api when filtering forms between date ranges to offset the timezone

1. Added option to hide form after submit when using the “display message on submit success” for both Caldera and Gravity
2. Removed “experimental” notes for bulk export and callback function options
3. Removed form name from default email notice & added note that it could be considered PHI in some cases
4. Add email notification magic tag info to form specific custom notification
5. Added IP address to access logs and form history logs in order to start pulling once API updates with new changes
6. Replaced instructions and FAQ’s with Freshdesk

1. Fixed html encoding & escaped slashes bug showing in notification emails
2. Fixed API to load form names in filter select if all forms are archived
3. Fixed error showing if no license is saved

Tested for WordPress version 5.4.1

1. Added checkbox/radio checked/unchecked class to parent wrappers to make customizing css easier
2. cm_hipaa_forms_field_empty/not_empty class now added to each field wrapper to make customizing css easier
3. Fixed Caldera location field bug causing location not to get passed in last few versions
4. Reworked how Gravity advanced fields are handled to improve layout and data export
5. Added option to submit message success handler to hide form after submitted (in progress, enabled next release)

1. Changed how we validate “I agree” checkbox on BAA submit
2. Fixed bug with setting forms to “only specific users” on gravity forms not prepending gform_ to the ID causing it to show to all users
3. Tested on WP V5.4

Updated Caldera specific code that was causing an error on form submit under strict error reporting

1. Fixed bug with date range option breaking pagination
2. Fixed bug with date range “to date” being 1 day off

1. Set max “per-page” to 500
2. Improved single page and bulk export to CSV

1. Added date-range option to submitted forms filter
2. Reworked how bulk export pulls data

1. Added experimental bulk export to csv option
2. Disabled nonce check on front-end as not needed and causes too many cache issues

1. Fixed type-o bug in Gravity Forms validation
2. Updated pagination for updated encryption methods

* This version did not update version control correctly

Fixed bug with new identifier encryption if no name value passed on form

1. Can now assign all submitted forms to specific users (ability to filter by assigned will be in next release)
2. Updated identifier value encryption in transit
3. Updated license key encryption in transit

1. Moved some things out of enqueue
2. Add additional checks for Gravity default button submit to prevent potential bot submissions

1. Fixed null value on add-ons
2. Added submit button prevent default just in case somehow a submit button is added through console

Previous version had a bug blocking forms from submitting, please update now!


1. Reduced number of calls made to API from plugin
2. Improved error handling on API calls

1. Fixed undefined on form submit with file upload
2. Added info icons to gravity forms settings
3. Ignore popup maker in gravity forms that caused raw html to pass to submitted forms

1. Added fix for Caldera hidden fields losing data attributes such as class and id

1. Replaced beta ticket system with Fresh Desk ticket form
2. Added info icon to office location select explaining why some locations may not appear as an option
3. Changed how we set admin or hipaa user role from 2 separate if statements to a combined if/else statement to always set admin first.

1. Added fix for those using commas in their location values
2. Add total records found value to bottom of submitted forms list

1. Added the ability to disable email notifications

1. Fixed UI issues with re-assigning users on specific forms.
2. Fixed bug with file uploader in Safari browser not passing required field validation.

1. Removed unused BCC option from notification email headers which caused notification emails to break in rare situations
2. Update FAQ’s
3. Added check if required fields removed from selected forms and if so automatically deactivate form
4. Added additional time zone options

1. Tweaked support tickets

1. Added fix to domain check on some edge case scenarios
2. Tweaked email error handling to prevent breaking preventing redirect or callback function from firing
3. Added check on name fields to ensure value is set before passing into identifiers as some edge cases have multiple conditional identifier fields hidden.
4. Added custom status option

Missing files in last commit

Previous version did not add new js file to repository

1. Added print/save to PDF button to web view version of form
2. Added function to log print event to form history

1. Removed add list item icons from passing to submitted Gravity forms
2. Fixed API bug causing PDF generation to break if field value was not a string
3. Removed select options from multi-select Gravity fields on submitted forms
4. Changed archive icon & now allow hipaa user role to archive forms
5. Added destroy form option for admin users
6. Fixed Caldera bug causing drag ‘n draw signature to not initialize using multi-page breadcrumb step links
7. Stripped slashes from form names in PDF
8. Added Wordfence issue FAQ

1. Removed Gravity required field validation error from top of form on re-submit
2. Removed unwanted hidden footer inputs that displayed nonsense data at bottom of Gravity forms
3. Fixed slashes not being removed from submitted form names

Fixed Gravity Forms bug causing non-hipaa enabled forms to have submit button removed. This only happened if a form was set as HIPAA compliant but then later de-selected.

Added experimental support for Caldera advanced file upload 2.0 fields. This should be used with caution as it requires hooking onto the cf2-field-wrapper class and replacing the wrapper with our own upload inputs. Caldera appends to this wrapper class the same as us via Javascript and has the potential if Javascript delays of appending AFTER us. Using Caldera advanced file upload 2.0 fields is currently not recommended.

Fixed bug with Caldera Forms if file upload add-on is enabled but no file upload field exists in form getting stuck in file upload mode.

Submit button wasn’t resetting to active on required input error.

1. Disabled submit button on submit to prevent double submissions
2. Added support for Gravity advanced name field

Fixed undefined add on property notice

1. Fixed bug in default email notification message showing default template instead of saved template
2. Fixed bug breaking file upload when set to required
3. Added multi-file upload support to Caldera
4. Added multi-file upload support to Gravity
5. Added file upload validation check to disable if not enabled on advanced file upload fields
6. Remove default multi-file upload to prevent possibility of uploading files to server before over-ride is complete

Fixed bug omitting non-select/check/radio field into raw fields data in export and identifiers in form list

Previous fix broke file upload capability check

Fixed foreach bugs in enqueue.php

Added new server-side method of removing submit button from Gravity forms set as HIPAA compliant since Javascript method has potential of failing to remove it.

1. Removed deprecated fields only option and removed additional fields call to API to reduce call size and increase speed of loading forms
2. Improved file upload handling if no file selected
3. Added option to export forms, form notes & form history to CSV files
4. Reworked raw form field submission to strip all html and include additional options for export

1. Form history improvements and bug fixes
2. Submitted forms list now displays unviewed forms as white and viewed forms as gray
3. File upload now available

File upload capability added for subscriptions that enable this new feature

2. Added cm-submitted-form-title class to submitted form title h2 tag in order to style it easier from CSS

1. Fixed “select all” checkbox bug in Gravity Forms.
2. Added better way of checking if Gravity Forms Active while keeping original as fail safe.

1. Fixed Gravity advanced multifield address field being ignored by validation if required.
2. Added previous version fix for required conditional hidden radio/checkbox fields to multipage/multistep forms.

1. Put fix in for conditional hidden radio/checkbox fields in Gravity Forms
2. Started form specific history although will not be 100% until next release.

1. Changed front-end nonce back to original method to prevent input from being added to head
2. Major change to how submitted forms are pulled from API to reduce amount of data being passed to solve some hosts to break on very long forms. Actual form doesn’t pull until toggled now.

1. Fixed required conditional fields breaking validation if hidden
2. Added archived forms interface
3. Add notes to bottom of web & PDF versions of submitted forms

1. Stripped slashes from custom email notification html
2. Removed Gravity Forms date picker icon and hidden icon path field on submitted forms

1. Added fix for hipaa user role not able to view dashboard in some situations
2. Added fix for saving selected form settings
3. Added validation check to prevent saving malformed json when saving selected form settings

Fixed bug if new notes property doesn’t exist

Fixed undeclared variable bug if no “send to” option set in selected form settings.

Added notes feature for standard subscribers

1. Added more options to default notification email settings.
2. Added form-specific custom notification email option.
3. Changed internal notification email handling significantly, please test & report any issues asap!

Minor fix for unset location variable causing email notice to break.

Fixed stupid undefined property notice

1. Added further support for the free basic API subscription option
2. Changed the plugin to revert to the free basic option if a paid subscription expires instead of deactivating the forms.
3. Changed nonce handling on front end to try and get around aggressive cache issues.

Added support for free basic option

1. Added support for Gravity Forms multi-step links
2. Fixed style bug in admin settings tabs
3. Started adding option to customize notification email subject

1. Fixed Caldera validation on checkbox/radio groups

1. Fixed unclosed tag in js causing Caldera validation to break on Safari.
2. Added 7 day grace period and alert message to admin submitted forms view on subscription expiration.

1. Added fallback fix for jQuery not getting values from textarea fields in some cases.
2. Started adding the new interface for form history & notes.

1. Tested for WordPress version 4.9.8
2. Updated docs/faq’s

Bug fix for adding/changing form builder if only 1 option exists

1. Updated settings
2. Completely changed how to manage the hipaa_forms user role capabilities
3. Added option to customize notification emails

1. Increased z-index for privacy modal to ensure it sits over other fixed & absolute positioned elements
2. Removed needless WP admin settings menu item as all settings are updated from within the plugin itself
3. Fixed pagination bug

1. Added option to filter forms by form name.
2. Updated initial view before adding a license key.
3. Test on Wordpres 4.9.7

1. Fixed bug mistakenly setting a value of 1 for a selected user if not set causing users with hipaa_user role to not see forms.
2. Fixed validation error on optional location select field if set to required and no value is set for an option.
3. Added support for secondary staging domain to be used.
4. Fixed css issue with sending animation bar not showing when submitting a form.

1. Fixed support ticket bug not showing replies.

1. Fixed signature field validation error.
2. Added HIPAA privacy notice customization options.
3. Added info icons to settings.
4. Updated BAA to be more clear on who the covered entity & who the associate or subcontractor is.

Fixed bug in iOS not getting textarea values using .val(), not using .attr(‘value’), frickin iOS.

1. Improved form validation for both Gravity & Caldera relying on their built-in error classes as well as adding a “scroll-to first error” function.
2. Fixed a bug with checkbox/radio input validation on both Caldera & Gravity.
3. Added function to replace Gravity file upload input with message that it is not HIPAA compliant & has been removed.
4. Improved default mobile styling a little for appended items at bottom of form on mobile.
5. Added touchstart event listener for mobile to validate signature field.
6. Added some security to support ticket system.

Bug fix for Gravity Forms if signature option has no value

1. Fixed multiple signature initialization when clicking back and next again in Gravity Forms multipage
2. Add additional Gravity Forms validation messages on error
3. Fixed Gravity multipage progress bar not reflecting current step
4. Added scroll to top of form when clicking prev/next in Gravity multipage

Something went wrong with the last SVN commit and some JS files weren’t included

1. Add callback function option
2. Over-rode Gravity Forms multipage next/previous function to make HIPAA compliant & enabled multipage
3. Improved field validation for Gravity Forms
4. Add optional signature field validation
5. Removed HIPAA privacy modal from showing in submitted forms
6. Other minor improvements

Minor update

Minor fix for unset variable on plugin options
Changed privacy policy to load in modal instead of external link

Minor fix for unset variable if Gravity not selected.
Updated expired nonce notice

Fixed deprecated attr() checkbox check

Fixed PDF delete on modal window close

Fix to remove email notice headers if using SendGrid plugin

Bug fix for Gravity forms allowing submissions with empty required fields


Bug fix

Fixed minor loop warning for Gravity Forms

Basic design and code cleanup

This update includes an improved user interface and the following specific form settings:
1. Option to show/hide the signature field
2. Option to specify a success message or a redirect url after a form is submitted
3. Option to set who can see the submitted forms with the following options:
A. All users with admin/hipaa user role
B. Only specific users
C. Only a specific doctor/user selected within a form (ie. Patient selects a specific doctor in a form, only that doctor will see the submitted form). NOTE: Admins see all forms regardless of settings.