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Booking.com Banner Creator


It’s never been easier to create a personalised banner that matches the design of your site and engages your audience.

The Banner Creator is easily customisable to your needs, your audience and the devices they use. You can create a banner from any image* you want, or choose from six beautiful photos inspired by the most popular themes on Booking.com. Then just enter a clear call-to-action and you’re ready to go!

Once you’re done creating it, you’ll need to track the reservations it brings in. The Banner Creator makes tracking simple. Once you attach a label to the banner, the Partner Center Individual Bookings Performance report will clearly show you which reservations have come through the banner.

Minimum 1920px to ensure the best image quality

To activate tracking, you will need to enable the ‘Label’ column in the report


  • Responsive – banner adapts to any device and screen
  • Easy to use – no programming knowledge required
  • Customisable – a wide range of possibilities, including the choice of any photo
  • Professional look – eight ready-to-use themes
  • Label tracking, Partner Center banners are not tracked in the Performance reports
  • Unlimited banners – create as many as you need
  • Use shortcodes to show the banners inside posts/pages or as a widget in the Widget area

Possible customisation

  • eight ready-to-use themes
  • use custom images from your gallery
  • call-to-action button yes/no
  • call-to-action button copy
  • banner copy
  • banner link
  • add your CSS class
  • customisable tracking labels


  • The plug-in shows in the plug-in area. Remember to activate the plug-in after the installation is completed.
  • To add a new banner, click the link in the left-hand menu.
  • Banner settings page
  • Remember to include your affiliate ID to earn affiliate commission.
  • Give your banner a unique title.
  • The title also works as label to track the reservations generated.
  • Copy the short code and paste it in a post or page.
  • Paste the short code in the Text section of the editor (NB: not in Visual).
  • The plug-in is also available in the widgets area.
  • Select a banner from the drop-down menu


First installation

  1. Download the zip file from this page
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins >> Add New, under Install Plugins title click on Upload and use the browse button to search the .zip file you have downloaded at point 1.
  4. Once activated you can start using the Add New Banner link on the left hand side menu.
  5. View banner list clicking on B.com Banner link on the left hand side menu in order to view/edit them.


Do banners adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile screens?

Yes, they adapt to different screen sizes and page layouts.

How can I change the default copy and colours?

Yes, you can. You don’t need to be an affiliate partner to install the plug-in. However, you cannot earn affiliate commission unless you are a partner. Sign up now here !

What is the Affiliate Partner Programme and how can I sign up?

The Booking.com Affiliate Partner Programme is a way of earning extra money by offering hotel bookings to your customers or website visitors. From each hotel booking that comes from your banner, you get commission. Find out more here .

Can I have multiple banners in the same page?

Yes, just paste the short code wherever you want on the page.

Where should I put the banners?

You can use the short code to display the banner wherever you need – usually in posts, pages and sidebars.


6 augustus, 2019
The experience with this company is terrible. If you are going to make a banner, just copy and paste html. It’s like trash with this plugin. 1. Their plugin doesn’t work and is very limited. 2. They don’t honor their affiliates with money. They will arbitrarily say you don’t “pass” their “quality test”. So don’t waste your time.
9 oktober, 2018
Thanks for this plugin! The Banner Creator is easy to use and the created banners work on my sites without any issues. The main (and only) plugin feature is that you can use your own images to create individual banners from them. This is useful if you need destination banners and can’t find the requested destination in the presets. You can find better ads in the official affiliate center. I use the plugin Advanced Ads to integrate those ads as well as those from the affiliate center in my WordPress page. Perfect combination!
2 oktober, 2018
Verlinkung des Banners funktioniert leider nicht, muss erst mit Hardcoding angepasst werden. Ansonsten eine gute Idee .. !
2 septimber, 2017
Good for banner generation, but the programming is horrible … practically killing your admin. Activate this and you’ll wait for ages for things to load, deactivate it and life is beautiful again … Well, I guess they don’t care much about this, otherwise they would have done something about it already
30 novimber, 2016
The plugin is very very simple and good works for its purpose. But surprisingly i see that the banners are publishing with a big watermark of booking,com logo and we cant remove it from our banners.
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  • Rel. on Dec 2021
  • Fix : security fixes + some functionality fixes


  • Rel. on Dec 2021
  • Fix : security fixes + some functionality fixes


  • Rel. on Dec 2021
  • Fix : security fixes + some functionality fixes
  • Improvement : Preview generated on any change of the settings


  • Rel. on Dec 2021
  • Fix : security fixes + some functionality fixes


  • Rel. on Aug 2018
  • Fix : copy color not changing.
  • Fix : variable missing in default theme.


  • Rel. on September 2017
  • Fix : images called from secure server (https prot) to avoid error in secure enviroments.
  • Improvement : added 3 fresh new images for inspirational theme.


  • Rel. on February 2017
  • Fix : height of call-to-action button. On some themes the button becomes incredibly high.


  • Rel. on January 2017
  • Fix : height of clickable surface. On some themes the default height : auto !important property override the height : 100% given on our css
  • Improvement : default image assigned to banners if nothing is selected by the user
  • Improvement : internationalization-ready feature. Plugin will be translated into all available languages on B.com
  • Improvement : added aid to tracking labels


  • Rel. on October 2016
  • Improvement : better usability of default theme feature


  • launch on October 2016