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Automatic FFL for WooCommerce is a powerful extension designed to simplify the process of shipping firearms to Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers when customers place orders containing firearm products. The extension seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, adding a user-friendly interface that allows customers to select an FFL dealer near them for order pickup. With this extension, you can ensure compliance with firearm shipping regulations while providing a convenient experience for your customers.


  • Simplified Firearms Shipping: With Automatic FFL for WooCommerce, you can streamline the complex process of shipping firearms to FFL dealers, making it easy to comply with federal regulations.

  • Automatic Detection of Firearm Products: When a product is selected on the product page as FFL Required and is added to the cart, the extension will automatically recognize it as a firearm product, prompting the FFL selection process.

  • FFL Dealer Map: A map, along with a list, will be displayed to customers at the checkout, showing nearby FFL dealers based on the customer’s address, zipcode, or other search criteria.

  • Seamless Checkout Integration: Once a customer selects an FFL dealer, the extension will update the shipping address with the dealer’s address, ensuring a smooth and compliant checkout process.

  • Validated by the ATF: Our dealers database updates directly from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, commonly referred to as the ATF.

  • Full Support to Bulk and Quick Edit: With Automatic FFL for WooCommerce you are able to Import, Export and Edit via CSV with full compatibility. You also have the option to Bulk Edit on WooCommerce Admin Products Panel. Additionally you can set a product as FFL Required using Quick Edit WooCommerce feature.

  • Customization: We automatically display common FFL dealers, but you have full control over which dealers show to your customers. You can also promote dealers by marking them as preferred or add information to them such as store hours or transfer fees.

  • Same Day Customer Support: If you need any assistance or have any questions, we are always here to help.


External services

Google Maps: used to create the map experience during the checkout

AutomaticFFL: provides map coordinates of FFL dealers that will be used for the map experience

Support and Documentation

For support, inquiries, or documentation, please visit


  • Customers with a firearm in their cart must choose an FFL location for shipment.
  • Automatic FFL Locator map.
  • Automatic FFL address selected.
  • Automatic FFL admin homepage.
  • Automatic FFL Dealer Management Page.
  • FFL Fees and Business Hours config.
  • Bulk enable/prefer FFL locations.
  • Allow us to automatically enable new Type 1 & 2 FFL dealers or take full control.
  • Automatic FFL WooCommerce Settings.
  • Marking products as FFL-required.


For installation and setup, please follow the instructions here.


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